Jim Ross comments on UFC and WWE production, financial planning for athletes, whether a union would solve the problem in pro wrestling

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Mar 17, 2013 - 06:20 PM

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.'s BBQ products, visit

-Ross on UFC and WWE production: "On entrances that are hot, like GSP and Diaz, there is really nothing that any announcers can say that exceeds the organic and real feel of what the audience is providing the PPV long as the audience is mic'ed well. So,  in my view, those two entrances in particular would have been perfect examples where the broadcast team would have simply sit back and allowed the viewer to soak in the moment... WWE does an amazing job of providing quality audio on their PPV presentations and no one else is even a close second in that department."

Powell's POV: Ross praised the performance of Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan, but I trimmed that out for the sake of brevity. Ross isn't blowing smoke up his employer's ass when it comes to WWE audio quality. Nights when WWE fails to mic a live crowd properly are few and far between to the point that I wonder if it's a building acoustic issue when it does happen. This is one area where TNA and especially Ring of Honor need to improve and be more consistent. Obviously, neither company has the production budget to compete with WWE, but it's so detrimental to a broadcast when the viewer can't pick up the live crowd's reaction. It makes the talent seem less over and the company as a whole feel less important than it is to that particular audience.

-Ross on financial planning: "Any company can provide the proper financial tools to a talent whether they be a WWE performer or a UFC fighter but no one can make these men and women be responsible with their cash and fulfill their financial and moral obligations. So, one way to address that matter is to recruit and sign athletes who come into an organization with some level of structure and the intellect to help them make better decisions. Honestly, those values start at home when the individuals were kids which is always why I liked to learn about the talent's  family when I could. Is there a fool proof way to address this matter? Absolutely not. That's why there are so many sad stories that we hear from every walk of life where one has found success in athletics or entertainment or any other field one can name and have squandered their money and turned their back on their obligations because of ignorance, irresponsibility and being so egocentric that the world was only about one thing, them."

Powell's POV: There was talk of including financial planning discussions as part of the developmental structure within WWE. I have not heard whether that has been implemented, but it should be. As Ross noted, it does start at home and not every performer who walks through the developmental door has been prepared for this aspect of life. By including it at the developmental level and perhaps having recognizable names from the past who have made poor financial decisions come in and discuss their mistakes with developmental talent could go a long way. It make

-Ross on unions preventing financial mistakes: "Some critics decry that if these men and women were not independent contractors that these issues would be significantly lessened and to that I call BS. Look at all walks of society where men and women are members of unions, are fulltime, regular employees and they  still can't be forced to spend their monies wisely, to pay their taxes, and to prepare for their future."

Powell's POV: I do believe the talent would benefit in several ways if they unionized, but I do agree with Ross on this point. The major sports have player unions and we still hear horror stories about athletes pissing away millions. For instance, I read a story over the weekend about former NFL quarterback Daunte Culpepper facing home foreclosure.

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