Jim Ross comments on The Undertaker, birthday boy Kane, and the first-round NFL draft pick he invited to join WWE

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Apr 26, 2013 - 05:45 PM

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.'s BBQ products, visit

-Ross on The Undertaker: "Looking forward to watching Friday Night Smackdown tonight as the Undertaker takes on the Shield's Dean Ambrose. I don't expect to see Taker on TV that much at all in the future but what an opportunity for Ambrose and his teammates to shine with a future Hall of Famer."

Powell's POV: Jim Ross just did more to promote this match than WWE did during all three hours of Monday's Raw television show. Seriously, why wouldn't they treat this like the big deal that it is? Instead, they advertised another Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger match. Either way, it's cool to see Taker back in the ring on the show he anchored for so many years.

-Ross on Kane: "Happy 46th birthday today to Kane who is one of the greatest superstars to ever appear in a WWE ring. The consummate pro who is one of the most intelligent athletes that I've ever known and is a model talent and a future WWE HOFer without question. He's a locker room leader, a voice of reason to many young, immature talents, is one of the greatest big men ever and an overall class act. I saw him for the first time while doing some commentary for Jim Cornette's Smoky Mountain Wrestling when Kane was wrestling under a mask and was known as 'Unabomber.' It did not take long for me to get him a tryout and then to sign him to a WWE contract where he has been ever since. I can't see Kane being any where but in WWE and if I had a vote I'd want the big man to mentor as many young NXT talents as is possible. I have great respect for the former college athlete who has his degree even though he "BBQ'ed" me back in the day. I healed...for the record."

Powell's POV: I liked the Kane character when it debuted and Glenn Jacobs has had an amazing run. He's been a monster heel, a monster face, masked, unmasked, masked again, and involved in some of the best and worst WWE comedy bits. It really has been a hell of a ride. He debuted with WWE in 1995 and started wrestling three years earlier. For those curious, he's only two years younger than his storyline brother The Undertaker.

-Ross on the NFL Draft: "Yes...I joked with @LaneJohnson69 about coming to #WWE IF the 'NFL thing' didn't work out. Obviously, being the 4th overall pick in the draft indicates that the 'NFL thing' is going to work out just fine for the former #Sooners offensive lineman who I consider a great kid and have enjoyed being on the sideline for essentially every game of his OU career. @Eagles fans are going to love the 6'6"-303 pounder who ran a  4.72 forty."

Powell's POV: Since we're talking NFL, how about that Vikings draft? Yes, I ran this item specifically so I could gloat for a second. Ross did address the Vikings draft and another team that performed well in his actual blog.

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