Jim Ross comments on The Rock, Ryback and John Cena angle that closed WWE Raw, and when he found out about his pre-show assignment

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Apr 11, 2013 - 01:48 PM

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-Ross on when he found out about his pre-show assignment: "Found out Saturday that I was going to be a part of the Pre and Post Game shows on Sunday at MetLife Stadium. It was a blast and I enjoyed working with @scottstanford1, @WWEDustyRhodes and @TrueKofi and hope that the pre and post game concept is utilized again in the future. It's great to be able to contribute to a major PPV in any way possible. I haven't heard about the status of those shows going forward for those asking."

Powell's POV: I would love to see those segments kick off Raw, as it gives the show a big time feel and could also help the three-hour format. That said, I could also see this becoming the norm for a weekly Raw pre-game show once the WWE Network is launched.

-Ross on The Rock: "Found it pretty pathetic that many fans who seemingly believe all or most of what they read online felt that the Rock walked out on WWE Monday while missing RAW. Some people thrive on dirt and gossip...thrive may be a too nice a about 'obsess' and believe damn near whatever they read. Rock was injured early on in the main event versus Cena but continued the match as the two men, who I signed back in the day, did the best that they could considering the situation."

Powell's POV: There was some uncertainty early on because the only thing that was known at the time was that Rock was not at Raw despite being advertised. There is still some skepticism regarding the validity of his injury within the business.

-Ross on Ryback and John Cena: "Loved how Raw went off the air Monday night, @Ryback22 standing tall over John Cena. Is Ryback a newly minted villain? Not so fast there knee jerkers. I think that the fans will make that call and perhaps even more people will boo John Cena that have previously as Ryback obviously, as he should, has his sights set on the WWE Title and a top spot within WWE."

Powell's POV: It was interesting that Michael Cole made it seem like what Ryback did was blasphemy, yet Ryback was in the ring leading a Feed Me More chant for the crowd. That conflict left me wondering whether it was really a heel turn as well. It was a nice cliffhanger and I like the idea of the fans simply choosing which wrestler they like more at this early stage in their feud.

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