Jim Ross comments on TNA Lockdown, TNA performers James Storm, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, and Gail Kim, reveals next WWE Hall of Famer guest for The Ross Report podcast

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Mar 10, 2014 - 02:10 PM

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.'s BBQ products, visit

-Ross on TNA Lockdown: "Thought TNA Lockdown was a better than many TNA PPV's I've watched and was an average presentation in my eyes. I am not a fan of every match being a cage match. I'm not indicting anyone but making every match a cage match puts immense, creative pressure on the talent and there is too much 'sameness.'"

Powell's POV: To each his own. It was nice to see the company outside the Impact Zone for a pay-per-view, but I thought this show was plagued by the same bad booking decisions that so many TNA events are.

-Ross on TNA talent: "James Storm, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, and Gail Kim are 'players' without question while others in TNA have the opportunity to be as well if they force themselves to continue to change/evolve and not to be comfortable in their current presentations. Gail Kim is arguably the best female wrestler in the business."

Powell's POV: I disagree on the pay-per-view, but I agree with his assessment of the talent. Kim is very good in the ring and while she's improved on the mic, I think that area of her game still needs improvement. Ross also chimed in on the Dixie Carter character in his actual blog, which can be read in full via the link above.

-Ross on his next guest on The Ross Report podcast on "This week the Ross Report podcast has 2013 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Trish Stratus as my guest in one of the most compelling and informative interviews we've had. She tells it like it is from a female's perspective. Honest, candid content from Canada's greatest export. The new podcast will drop late this Tuesday or by Wednesday at the very latest."

Powell's POV: Ross also revealed two additional WWE Hall of Famers who will be joining him on the podcast, which he noted is now ranked No. 1 on iTunes in the sports category.

Other topics include more on TNA, WWE inking a new TV deal in Germany, the WWE Hall of Fame, HBO's True Detective and Bray Wyatt, and more.

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