Jim Ross comments on Monday's WWE Raw, the 20th Anniversary of Raw next week, whether The Rock's return to television is damaging for younger WWE talent

Jan 7, 2013 - 04:18 PM

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-Ross on tonight's WWE Raw: "With @TheRock returning to the live, Monday night Raw tonight, it kicks off WWE's 2013 TV year in a significant manner. Adding to the fact that the National Championship of College Football will be airing live as well, there will be a massive amount of TV households using television which bodes well for WWE's flagship broadcast. TV viewers are creature's of habit and channel surfing is the norm in today's world... I see tonight's Raw as a great opportunity for ALL talents to make their presence felt. My 'maximizing one's minutes' theory was never more timely than it will be tonight for everyone who appears on Raw."

Powell's POV: The college football game will do huge numbers with Notre Dame vs. Alabama playing for the national championship. I am somewhat surprised that WWE didn't hold off to load up next week's show, though it looks like it could be even more loaded since it's the 20th Anniversary edition of Raw. Speaking of which...

-Ross on the 20th Anniversary of WWE Raw show: "Getting loads of questions regarding the 20th Anniversary of Raw show in Houston next week. I can't make it any clearer but I don't know any creative plans and if I did why would I spoil them? One can get plenty of speculation from the internet wrestling community who appear to have better sources than do I. I just know that every attempt will be made to make that milestone event special and that includes follow up to what occurs tonight."

Powell's POV: It looks like Madusa will be among the names from the past returning for this show. I assume WWE will be bringing in a number of names from the past. I wonder if Steve Austin will be among them since he was unable to appear at Raw 1000.

-Ross on The Rock returning: "Hard to believe that some on Twitter @JRsBBQ seemingly have such ill conceived opinions that the Rock returning to WWE to gear up for a WrestleMania run is a negative to 'young talents.' I find this flimsy theory laughable. Rock is a major attraction that will attract disconnected/former viewers and many new viewers who are fans of Rock's movie work. The more eyes watching any WWE program the better. Rock also provides WWE an 'outside the usual envelope' media buzz which is invaluable."

Powell's POV: The Rock brings more eyes to wrestling and helps the industry, which obviously does good for the younger wrestlers. Plus, who's to say he won't be working with young wrestlers such as The Shield while he's in?

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