Jim Ross comments on Mick Foley being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, The Rock and C.M. Punk, a special Q&A event with Ross, Jerry Lawler, and Gene Okerlund

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Jan 13, 2013 - 10:36 AM

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.'s BBQ products, visit

-Ross on Mick Foley entering the WWE Hall of Fame: "Sometimes a talent is hired to bring a positive influence into a locker room that's either dotted with youth or by those who enjoy traveling on the wrong side of the road a little too much. That's one reason that I wanted Mick in our locker room back when we hired him but I also knew that hiring Mick was akin to hiring a kid who grew up in Bronx joining the New York Yankees. Being in WWE was Mick's lifelong, wrestling dream and I'm thankful that I was in a position to help Mick, aka Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy, with the opportunity to accomplish amazing feats while in WWE."

Powell's POV: Ross had a lot more to say about the deserving Foley in his full blog. As always, we are only running the highlights of the Ross blog. Let the speculation being as to who will induct Foley. Ross is probably on the short list of potential inductors along with Terry Funk.

-Ross on Rock and C.M. Punk: "Anxious to see what form that @TheRock and @CMPunk engage one another this Monday in Houston on Raw as they continue to build to what seems to be a potentially lucrative Royal Rumble in Phoenix. The challenge of all great talents, and the truly great one's relish this, is to top what they did last week. Some individuals are born to be main event talents because they love the pressure to excel and to get better with each outing. Some talented guys over the years and likely even on today's WWE roster might not be wired to handle the pressure of being 'the top guy.'"

Powell's POV: Their segment last week was about as good of a kickoff as anyone could have hoped for. I'm looking forward to the followup on Monday as much as anything in pro wrestling right now.

-Ross on a special Q&A event: "@JerryLawler, Mean Gene Okerlund and i are doing a special, first time ever, 90 minute Q&A near Milwaukee on Friday February 22 at the Northern Lights Theater. Tickets are on sale at the Northern Lights box office and at Ticketmaster. Tickets start at only $20  but are moving fast."

Powell's POV: This sounds like a lot of fun and it should give some of the Packer fans who are stuck in doomsday mode a reason to live following their loss on Saturday night. Most fans of the green and gold are great people, but they do seem to have a "special" batch that are probably still being talked off the ledge as I write this. If you attend this Q&A event, you are encouraged to send us a report.

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