Jim Ross comments on C.M. Punk's status for Raw and whether he endorses stripping him of the WWE Championship, Kassius Ohno (a/k/a Chris Hero) assessment, WWE Royal Rumble main event

Dec 10, 2012 - 01:30 PM

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-Ross on C.M. Punk: "With @CMPunk out via knee surgery for the TLC PPV, I would assume that the WWE Champion will make an appearance on Raw tonight but we all know what occurs when one assumes. I am not an advocate of 'stripping' Punk of the WWE Championship as many of our Twitter followers @JRsBBQ have suggested. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't even consider that idea unless Punk's knee surgery is going to keep him out of action for several months of which I don't expect to happen."

Powell's POV: WWE could get some milage out of having Punk and Paul Heyman gloat over the fact that Punk won't have to defend the title until Royal Rumble due to the injury. Vince McMahon, still bitter with the duo, could threaten to strip Punk of the title if he doesn't defend it before a certain date. Punk could continue to cry no respect and sell the injury in a way that leaves Raw viewers believing a title change is imminent. Of course, this scenario can only come into play if Punk is healthy enough to work before the Rumble, which it sounds like he will be. This could lead to some good episodic television and Punk vs. Ryback or another opponent under those circumstances would have the potential to deliver a good rating.

-Ross on Kassius Ohno: "Speaking of @KassiusOhno, I'd be shocked if he's not an key player on the WWE primary roster in 2013. The world traveler is a smart, strategic, focused athlete who seems to be fully invested in getting to the next level and staying there."

Powell's POV: I've had readers ask whether he could be an addition to The Shield. I'm not sure whether they will be adding members, but he would be at the top of my personal wish list if they did. Either way, I believe the former Chris Hero has a bright future ahead of him in WWE.

-Ross on the Royal Rumble main event: "Already getting questions about what attraction will close the show at WWE Royal Rumble, @CMPunk vs. @TheRock or the Rumble match? I haven't a clue nor do I care as either choice would be fine with me but if I had to guess I'd guess it would be the WWE Title bout. Again, don't know and don't care as I will be watching one of my favorite PPV events of the year."

Powell's POV: It's really a no lose situation as far as I'm concerned. Even the traditionalists have to be a bit conflicted in that they normally want the WWE Championship in the main event slot, yet the Royal Rumble is a special match and no one seems to complain when that match gets the main event slot over the WWE Championship. My guess is that Rock vs. Punk will get that match, but that's just a guess.

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