Jim Ross comments on Bruno Sammartino entering the WWE Hall of Fame, Jack Swagger returning to WWE television, Brock Lesnar re-signing with WWE

Feb 5, 2013 - 04:32 PM

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-Ross on Bruno Sammartino: "It cannot be overstated how big it truly is for Bruno Sammartino to be inducted into the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame which makes this class, even if he was going in solo, the best WWE HOF class ever in my humble opinion and that includes my own class in 2007. I pray for good health so that I can join my Pittsburgh wife and attend the most special of nights, April 6, 2013 when the Steel City's own Bruno Sammartino once again sells out MSG but this time, I'm assuming, he will go on last which is something that the main eventers never did back in the day at MSG. The potential projects that Bruno can be involved with in the future with WWE are virtually limitless and his mere presence adds massive credibility to what ever project is being marketed."

Powell's POV: The ESPN article that announced Sammartino's return indicated that Bruno will be the headliner. Mick Foley certainly would have been a strong headliner, though I doubt he will have any issue with Sammartino taking that role. I agree with Ross about the strength of the current Hall of Fame class and I'm curious to see who else is added in the coming weeks.

-Ross on Jack Swagger: "@RealJackSwagger is seemingly in line for bigger opportunities if his aggressive return is any indication. When D1 athletes are challenged or feel that they are being underutilized,  we often see the 'jock' in them take over which amps up the intensity and drive. Swagger is an awesome athlete who is still evolving as it relates to sports entertainment 'sizzle' but I feel that he can be a major contributor to WWE efforts over the long haul. Yep, I'm biased because of Swagger's Oklahoma roots but at least I'm honest about it. He's a legit beast, trust me on that one."

Powell's POV: I'm happy to see Swagger back and being featured prominently right out of the gate. I'm not sure why he went form World Hvt. Champion to main roster enhancement talent, but it's good to see him back on track with a new look.

-Ross on Brock Lesnar: "MizTV was interesting. Unique dynamic with @HeymanHustle and @MikeTheMiz verbally jousting until beastly Brock Lesnar arrived on the scene to impose his physical will of which he's very adept. Getting Lesnar signed long term is significant for WWE and how this commodity is utilized is always interesting."

Powell's POV: Brock re-signing definitely adds some mystery regarding the outcome of his WrestleMania 29 match. It also opens the door for some very intriguing matchups. Now that we know he's sticking around for two more years, I hope to see Lesnar face Ryback, Sheamus, Undertaker, and C.M. Punk somewhere down the road.

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