Jesse Ventura says he would have investigated WWE had he been elected to the U.S. Senate

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By By Jason Powell
Mar 12, 2009 - 01:43 PM

Former Governor Jesse Ventura stated during an interview with Chris Yandek that he planned to investigate WWE had he been elected Senator of Minnesota. "It’s one of the things that if I would run for the senate I was going to do a senatorial investigation on the WWE," Ventura said. "And you know for concerning what? What’s even a bigger importance is the fact that today they are still called independent contractors by the government which is absurd.

"They tell you when you wrestle. They tell you who you wrestle. They tell whether you win or lose. They tell you where you’re going to wrestle. They are your boss as much as any job in the universe. Yet (Vince) McMahon is able to get away with calling all the wrestlers even today when he has them signed to exclusive contracts he still is allowed to call them independent contractors where they have to pay their own social security and he doesn’t have to pay a penny." To read the full interview, visit

Powell's POV: I was going to bump baseball and make tiddlywinks the new national past time had I run for President. I'm sure Jesse means what he says in this case because he's pissed that Vince McMahon didn't return his calls about launching his candidacy for President on WWE television. Keep in mind that when Jesse had political power, he chose to take a paycheck from WWE. If Jesse meant something politically again, I believe Vince would make him another offer, and Ventura would conveniently forget about the independent contractor issue quickly.

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