Jake "The Snake" Roberts discusses his addiction, being sober for 40 days, his dad, and more

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Dec 12, 2012 - 03:07 PM

Former WWE star Jake "The Snake" Roberts appeared on the Tom Barnard Podcast and discussed his life in wrestling and his addiction to drugs. You can hear the full interview, which starts at the 14 minute mark, at Among the highlights:

-Jake promoted DDP Yoga. He said had just returned from an AA meeting. He is currently living with DDP after getting out of rehab sponsored by Diamond Dallas Page. Jake reported being sober for 40 days, and that through diet and yoga, he has lost 55 lbs. from the 305 lbs. when he started.

-He said he hit his low point five months ago after 37 years of drug use and was suicidal. He talked about his drug dealer, who he has known since the 3rd grade.

-Jake talked about his father, Grizzly Smith, and how he started in the business to get his father's approval at 19 years old. He explained his first experience in the ring was being "stretched" by a veteran. He was so twisted up that he ended up biting a part of his own anatomy to get loose. Jake talked more about the strained relationship with his father and his father's passing.

Shore's Slant: Thanks to Dot Net reader Chris Ketchmark for the heads up. Roberts is a tragic character in wrestling, and I hope he is able to defeat his demons this time.

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