Hulk Hogan claims he taught Vince McMahon the wrestling business, says his WCW role will be similar to the role Vince plays in WWE

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By By Jason Powell
Nov 3, 2009 - 04:18 PM

Hulk Hogan told another whopper in an interview with City Pages when he claimed that he taught Vince McMahon the wrestling business. "That's a huge deal for me, man," Hogan said of signing with TNA. "I never thought that they would bring me in to like the Vince McMahon role with another wrestling company kind of like I did with WCW years back. I actually used to have this same role back in the day, except it was unofficial.

"Vince's dad ran the league while I was down here in Minnesota kicking ass with Verne Gagne and when he died, they talked me into coming back. So I came back and found that Vince McMahon, who owns the company now, didn't really understand the business.

"So I moved in next door to him in Connecticut and taught him all about lifting weights and riding motorcycles and partying like a mad man; and then I taught him about the wrestling business and making money. And now I'm doing that again with TNA Wrestling." To read the full interview, visit

Powell's POV: Hulk taught Vince McMahon the wrestling business? Wow. Here's hoping Hulk is just trying to create some buzz and doesn't believe all the bullshit coming out of his mouth.

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