Friends and colleagues react to the death of WWE legend Paul Bearer

Mar 5, 2013 - 11:47 PM

The following are Twitter messages posted by various pro wrestling personalities regarding the death of Paul Bearer (a/k/a William Moody), who died on Tuesday at age 58.

Triple H: "Rest in peace, Paul Bearer. You will never be forgotten. There will never be another."

Hulk Hogan: "Very sad about Paul Bearer, he was a great person and one of the original boys, he was what made wrestling great, much love and respect."

Bret Hart: "Goodbye to a good friend, Paul Bearer. Say hi to Owen for me."

Michelle McCool: "You always made me smile. Great entertainer, even better man! We love you and will forever miss you! God bless."

Sean Waltman: "I'm so at a loss right now for words... I've known him since 1995 and I can't get myself together enough to write anything at the moment... I will miss you, William Moody. George Jones on the radio and Jack Daniels. His crazy sense of humor. I laughed more to him that just about anyone."

Edge: "Very sad to hear about William Moody/Paul Bearer. Such a sweet man, and my friend. My condolences to his family. I'll miss ya Uncle Paul."

Kevin Von Erich: "Percy Pringle was such a funny guy. Everyone loved him."

Matt Morgan: "Damn. One of my favorite characters as a little boy, and one that I befriended as a man, gone. One of the all time best!

Ricardo Rodriguez: "Paul Bearer/William Moody, you taught me so much. It truly sadens me to hear about this! I love you, and I think you enterally. RIP."

Shawn Michaels: "I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of Paul Bearer. Our prayers go out to him and his family. God Bless!!"

Jim Ross: "Just informed via Paul Bearer aka Percy Pringle passed away earlier today. I have no other details. RIP old friend."

Shane Helms: "Saddened to hear about the passing of wrestling legend (Paul Bearer). Glad I got to see ya one last time just recently, Paul. Bless your fam... I never heard one bad thing said about Paul. In this biz, that's extremely rare. It says a lot about the man."

Kevin Nash: RIP my friend. You will never be replaced. Not to late to add to the (Hall of Fame).

The Miz: "Just found out Paul Bearer died tonight. He was always so nice when I talked to him. My thoughts n prayers are w/his family."

Dixie Carter: Our condolences go out to the many family, friends, and fans of William Moody. A great performer in our industry."

Eric Bischoff: Condolences to family, friends, and fans of Paul Bearer. Never had the privilege of working with him. Much respect."

Honky Tonk Man: "Saddened to hear of my pal Paul Bearer passing away. I was informed a few moments after he silently went. A great fellow has gone."

Joey Mercury: "Very saddened to hear of Paul Bearer's passing. An extremely gracious and generous man I had the good fortune of knowing."

Tensai: "RIP Paul. A good man and an asset to this business and locker room. Always brought a smile to people's faces. You'll be missed."

Cliff Compton: "Paul Bearer was great. A genuine nice person and a legendary manager. #RIP"

Mickie James: "Very sad to hear that Paul Bearer has passed away tonight... My thoughts, prayers, and heart go out to his family, friends, and loved ones...RIP."

Ted DiBiase (Jr.): "Losing one of our own @WWE feels like losing a family member. Thank you for the memories, paul. God Bless."

Eddie Edwards: "Saddened to hear about Paul Bearer passing away. #RIP #ThankYou"

Todd Keneley: RIP William Moody AKA Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle. A truly great talent and genuine good person. I am honored to have met/worked w/you."

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