Former WWE wrestler MVP says he will be returning to television this year

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Jun 6, 2013 - 11:51 AM

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Host: Court Bauer
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"I have to deny it. It's not me, but I will be back on US TV later this year. I promise. Not saying anything more than that. There are some people, that to them, wrestling is WWE. In the same way that to some people, any cola is a Coke. There is amazing wrestling going on all around the world outside of WWE. You've got AAA in Mexico and CMLL. In Japan you have the company I was just working for, the legendary New Japan Pro Wrestling, the historically significant All Japan and Pro Wrestling NOAH. These people are fans of WWE and it's a beautiful thing, but to me it's a travesty."

MVP also offered his thoughts on the good and bad of Vince McMahon, the psyche of being in WWE, the recent retirement of Kenta Kobashi and much more.

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