Former WWE tag wrestler looks back on helping train Big Show, behind the scenes details on the Royal Rumble match, a Vince McMahon gimmick that didn't pan out

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Jan 30, 2013 - 10:58 AM

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Helping train The Big Show earlier in his career: After I did all my training, I’d help out training other guys and one of the guys I helped train was Paul Wight, who became The Giant, Big Show, whatever you wanna call him. He was unbelievable to train. He could jump vertically from the ring apron over the top rope. He was maybe 350lbs at 7ft 2. He was unbelievably athletic. He came right from the Boston Celtics foreign team in basketball. Probably one of the hardest people I’ve ever had to train. He was so big, it was hard to teach him to do arm drags, hip tosses, and everything else, but he was so eager. I didn’t think he’d be around this long. I’m glad he is. Super nice guy."

The Flying Nuns gimmick in early 1997: "It was funny, when we came from Smoky Mountain, we got our WWF tryout as the Headbangers. We were quite lucky because Shane McMahon was into Marilyn Manson at the time, and that kinda helped us get our feet in the door. Then once we were in, Vince came up to us and said he had this idea, and it was really cutting edge. Vince said, 'I kinda wanna make out like you guys have multiple personalities, I don’t know if you guys remember this show with Sally Field, called The Flying Nuns but she wore these crazy outfits and thats what we want you guys to do.' I can’t even remember that show because I wasn’t that old but at the time,but we were so happy to be in the WWF, you could have covered us in shit and called us turds for all we cared. But it was all Vince’s idea, he called us up, got us fitted for costumes, and that was it."

How WWF talent find out about their Royal Rumble spots and booking of the match: "I don’t know if they still do it this way, but you got all 30 guys together you stood in a line, you were behind the guy that’s going out in front of you. You know you’re number 10, he’s number 11, you’re gonna eliminate him, you’re gonna go out there for ten minutes, etc. You always know who’s gonna throw you out, and you know the guy that’s getting thrown out before you, so you have time to get ready to do it."

Teams in the WWE Today he and Mosh would like to come back and face: "I like where the Prime Time Players have gotten to, Epico and Primo and The Usos, any of those teams would be great to work with."

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