Former WWE star Mick Foley on why he is trying comedy and gives his thoughts on the possibility of being in this year's Hall of Fame class

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Jan 9, 2013 - 03:36 PM

Former WWE star Mick Foley spoke with the Kansas City Pitch as hype for an upcoming show in the area. You can read the full interview at Among the highlights:

-Foley on why he wanted to try comedy: "I really enjoy being up onstage. It reminds me of my days as commissioner in WWE in 2000 when I had a microphone and could basically say anything I wanted to. I miss those days, so I take advantage of the opportunity to re-create that feeling."

-Foley on how much of his act wrestling stories: "Almost all of it. And if it's not a wrestling story, I try to base it on something that I learned during my 27 years on the road traveling the world. Basically, if people have enjoyed my books, which had plenty of non-wrestling stories in them, they'll enjoy the shows."

-Foley on rumors he will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year: "It would mean that the rumors that I started spreading about it were effective. It would be a huge honor, especially in Madison Square Garden. WWE does a great job of trying to induct people in geographic areas that mean something to them. For me, being inducted in an arena that I specifically used to hitchhike to and take trains alone to would be a great honor."

Shore's Slant: Can't think of a better time to induct Foley than this year myself. Foley is an engaging guy, and I bet his speech would be a blast. If he ever comes this way, I may have to check out his act.

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