Former WWE personality raves about Daniel Bryan the person

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Mar 31, 2014 - 03:59 PM

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On Daniel Bryan possibly winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania: "It really couldn't happen to a better person. When he was 19 years old and we were together in Memphis and I was managing him. Even then he was such a modest, down to earth, good hearted, kind soul human being. Not to mention the best...even then the best wrestler in the business. I'll actually put Brian Kendrick up there with him and say I think they are best wrestlers in the business today. I'm so proud of him." 

On the booking of Bryan up until now: "He's such a kind, quiet, down to earth guy who didn't speak a lot. I thought it was going to be hard for him to get over in the business. I think I was seeing that over the year (SummerSlam until now) where it seemed that he had gotten everyone behind him but they still saw that maybe his character wasn't enough. So I do believe they (WWE) were trying to keep him at a mid card star almost main status but not be that man, just have an extra top guy. He stuck with it and the fans stuck with it. I'm so proud of him because it can get you down when everyone isn't behind you. Nothing ever got him down."

Other topics include a lengthy story about Daniel Bryan helping him get respect in Memphis when many were against him, Mick Foley giving him a big opportunity to do comedy with him, thoughts on CM Punk, talking the Owen Hart/Bret Hart feud, original plans for his famous DX skit, insight on Vince Russo, and more.

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