Former WWE developmental wrestler Percy Watson denies reports he missed match run-throughs, learning from MVP, and who he would like to face in WWE

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Jul 9, 2013 - 05:18 PM

Former WWE developmental wrestler Percy Watson (a/k/a Nick McNeil) spoke with's Jawn Murray and denied reports that his release came from missing practices and match run-throughs, along with attitude problems stemming from being sent back to developmental after working Raw house shows. Watson stated, "I’ve never missed a training session in my life, regardless of what sport I was playing including wrestling in WWE and FCW. That was truly not the case at all. My release had nothing to do, in my opinion, to my work ethic whatsoever." You can read the article and listen to part of the interview at

Other highlights:

Thoughts on his former “NXT” coach MVP: “He was a great person to work with and learn from. I mean, obviously he’s been around longer than me. He knows the real ins and outs. He was constantly trying to teach me that the way to go about. There’s more to wrestling than just what we do in the ring. That was one of his big things. He taught me how to be a good performer. That was one of the many things he taught me, but it was very important to me.”

Who He Wants To Wrestle If He Returns To WWE: “Maybe Ryback. He’s a big monster. I’d love to show the public that he’s a big guy who can be taken off his feet.”

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