Former WWE broadcaster Matt Striker on whether he has heat with WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler

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Jun 25, 2013 - 10:30 AM

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"Basically I talk too much, I'm long winded and when I get going the faucet starts dripping and the dreck just comes out. Jerry Lawler is a legend and has been part of the broadcasting team with WWE for over 20 years. When it seemed Jerry was getting annoyed me, he was like 'you've got a lot of passions and things to say kid, but come on, shorten it up a little bit.' I had to remember our fan base isn't the internet, it isn't the 'smart mark.'

"Our fan base is that 9 year old kid at home, he does not care about the fact that...insert stupid Matt Striker fact here... all he cares about is John Cena needs to defeat Ryback right now, and Jerry to his credit would constantly try to help me with that. A lot of that stuff was my fault because I was like a 9 year old kid with an open microphone. All Jerry wanted to do was help me, there wasn't any animosity in the back, it was like a father sitting down his teenage son who doesn't wanna hear anything, saying this is how it's got to be." 

Matt also talks about everything in his WWE run from being part of The New Breed at WrestleMania, managing, commentating, his plans for the future, working with Michael Cole, and much more.

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