Former WWE Champion apologizes to TNA wrestlers

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Jan 21, 2013 - 10:00 AM

Former WWE Champion JBL apologized to Bully Ray and Devon for including them in a list of tag teams that were not as successful as singles wrestlers. "Sometimes on air you try to go somewhere entertaining and you get caught and try to correct it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I realized as soon as I said it that both the Dudley's and Hart Foundation had become huge singles stars.

"I was thinking about my time in WWE where Dudley's had been mainly just a tag team-and one of greatest of all time in what I think was greatest era of tag teams in history when you had Edge/Christian, NAO, DX, Dudley's, APA, LOD, Hardy's and more all at the same time.

"Bubba and Devon have been good friends for a long time and I have the utmost respect and love for them, if I had made the mistake on someone else-I would just chalk it up to live TV and not worry about it. But, these guys are good friends and with the Twitter police loving to correct me I thought I would just make it public and explain how it happened." Read the rest of the blog at

Powell's POV: Bully Ray responded on Twitter by saying no apology was needed and that he has "noting but respect" for JBL. Devon has yet to address it. Let the speculation being that he's seething and will never speak to JBL again! Okay, I doubt that's actually the case.

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