Duane "The Rock" Johnson earned major heat for his behavior at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony

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Mar 31, 2008 - 05:54 PM

Duane "The Rock" Johnson scored major heat at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony for his behavior on and off camera. reports that Rock left a bad impression on some WWE performers by showing up late and offending many in the company.

"This wasn't a roast," one wrestler said. "This was supposed to be a tribute to his dad and grandfather. Instead, he did an hour plus of comedy, running way long, then did a short tribute to his dad and grandfather, then left. It was rude of him." The Torch story also reports that Johnson came acted as if he were above everyone in WWE, including Steve Austin.

Powell's POV: I think the fans would have been disappointed had Rock not done some comedy and I enjoyed his speech. Likewise, I also enjoyed JBL's induction of the Briscoes even though it was mostly comedy. That being said, there's no excuse for his backstage behavior.

I'm really surprised by this. Rock was so charming and polished in the past that I never thought we'd hear stories like this about him. Say it isn't so, Rocky, er Duane. I'll bet everything would turn out OK if he discovered he had a young daughter he never knew about and she helped him learn lessons in humility.

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