Dot Net WWE News: Wrestler recalls the meeting in which Vince McMahon told John Cena and the rest of the locker room he wanted someone to step up and grab the brass ring

Sep 1, 2010 - 11:17 AM

By Jason Powell

Vince McMahon's recent interview with the Boston Herald regarding a meeting he held with the locker room to urge them to grab the brass ring regardless of whom they have to step over caught the attention of a wrestler who was in that meeting. The wrestler said there were approximately five wrestlers who approached Vince after the meeting to say they were the right man for the job.

"The only difference is that Cena did his 'stepping over guys' in the locker room more than in the ring," recalled the wrestler. He offered his opinion that Vince is looking for a "backstabbing asshole/stooge" to serve as his top guy. "It has zero to do with in-ring talent," said the wrestler. "Cena stepped on guys like the Spirit Squad and others who were only there for less than six months."

Powell's POV: The wrestler stated that Cena developed a reputation for burying some of the talent he came up with from the OVW days. He also noted that Vince has delivered similar messages at numerous times over the years.

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