Dot Net WWE News: Notable developmental talent left off the NXT taping, trainers frustrated by his recent approach

Jul 21, 2013 - 09:18 PM

By Jason Powell

WWE developmental wrestler Kassius Ohno (a/k/a Chris Spradlin) was noticeably absent from the most recent NXT television taping. Ohno was working out at the WWE Performance Center during the grand opening on Thursday, but he was did not work the tapings that night because the trainers are frustrated by his lack of commitment to the strength and conditioning program.

Powell's POV: A number of people within developmental are said to be disappointed with Ohno, who was considered to be on the fast track to the main roster not all that long ago. Ohno, who worked as Chris Hero on the indy scene, is well liked within developmental and his in-ring ability isn't in question, but there is obviously a message being sent by keeping him off the television tapings.

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