Dot Net WWE News: NXT investigation regarding claims made against Bill DeMott, statement issued by WWE

Jul 8, 2013 - 08:05 PM

By Jason Powell

WWE conducted an investigation stemming from claims made by former developmental workers regarding NXT head trainer Bill DeMott. Chase Donovan and Chad Baxter appeared on a recent "Two And A Half Wrestlers" podcast hosted by Kevin Matthews, and the trio told a secondhand story about DeMott pulling out a gun in front of trainees, a firsthand accounts of DeMott using a homophobic slur during training sessions, and made other accusations.

"There have been no sexual harassment complaints filed against any employee at the WWE's training facility in Orlando," reads a statement issued to by WWE. "Instead there have been baseless allegations made by disgruntled talent recently released by WWE. Regardless, WWE takes these issues seriously and investigated this matter, concluding that there was no wrongdoing."

Powell's POV: It's one thing to complain publicly about such matters after the fact, but this would carry more weight if the former developmental wrestlers had filed complaints while they were still under contract. I know it's easier said than done because the mentality of the developmental performers is to avoid rocking the boat. Yet as it stands, WWE officials clearly view the complaints as sour grapes rather than valid.

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