7/9 WWE Smackdown TV taping spoilers: Full results of Friday's television show (spoilers)

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Jul 9, 2013 - 11:58 PM

WWE Smackdown TV taping
Hampton, Virginia
Results courtesy of Dot Net reader Josiah

1. Daniel Bryan defeated Christian. Solid back and forth match. The crowd was hot for Daniel when he can out. Daniel made Christian tap out.

2. Seth Rollins defeated Jay Uso. The crowd was hot for both the Usos and The Shield. Jay Uso had most of the match. Roman jumped onto the apron and distracted Jay for a Rollins victory.

3. Chris Jericho defeated Curtis Axel by countout. The crowd loved Jericho all through the match. Axel did not get a pop from the fans at all. Axel controlled most of the match. Jericho tossed Axel out the ring for a 10 count.

4. Ryback defeated Miz. Both of the guys were receiving cheers from the fans. Ryback was tossed in the corner by Miz. Ryback looked as if he were hurt talking to the ref. He pushed the ref out of the way and clotheslined Miz. He hit Miz with the Shell Shock to win the match.

5. Fandango defeated Wade Barrett. Wade walked out first to no crowd reaction at all; then Zeb Colter walked out with Swagger and Cesaro. Fandango was out last. Team Rhodes Scholars came out during the match and had an altercation with Jack and Cesaro. Wade got distracted and Fandango capitalized.

AJ and Kaitlyn signed the contract for their Money in the Bank match. AJ showed some text messages on the Tron of Kaitlyn texting her lover. This made Kaitlyn mad and push the table over AJ in a corner of the ring.

Del Rio came out. Sin Cara made his entrance and attacked Del Rio before the match could start. "Sin Cara" hit Del Rio with a Zig-Zag and did the "Show off Dance." The match never started.

"Excuse Me.......excuse me!" Vickie came out and said she had bought a ticket and should be allowed to be there. Teddy Long came out and got Vickie kicked out of the arena

6. Sheamus fought Randy Orton to an apparent no contest. A strong match between the two. Around 15 minutes into the match, a double take down happened. Daniel Bryan came back out, got a ladder and hit both Sheamus and Orton at the same time. Bryan tried to climb the ladder, but Christian came back out and beat him up. Christian tried to climb, but Sheamus knocked him off. Sheamus tried to get the MOITB case, but Orton pushed him off. Orton climbed up the ladder and removed the case and held it up to send all the fans home happy.

No dark match

Biggest Pops
Randy Orton
The Usos
The Shield

Biggest Heat
Vickie Guerrero

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