7/9 WWE Main Event and Smackdown tapings: A second report on tonight's Ion Television and this Friday's SyFy shows

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Jul 10, 2013 - 02:00 PM

WWE Main Event and Smackdown TV taping
Hampton, Virginia
Results courtesy of Dot Net reader Nate.

Main Event

1. Dolph Ziggler defeated Antonio Cesaro. Ziggler won by DQ when Swagger interfered. Best match of the both tapings

2. Tons of Funk and Great Khali defeated Heath Slater and Rhodes Scholar. Khali hit Slater with the brain chop for the win after Rhodes Scholars left


1. Daniel Bryan defeated Christian. Daniel Bryan won with the Yes/No lock in a great match. Multiple Yes chants throughout the match.

2. Seth Rollins defeated Jay Uso. Seth won after some shenanigans on the outside. The shield came out one section below where I was sitting so that was cool

3. Chris Jericho defeated Curtis Axel. Axel really didn't get any reaction which is disappointing. Count out win for Jericho. Side note: I think Cesaro and Axel had a bet on who could destroy the ring side area more. Seriously, watch Main Event and SD and you will see.

4. Ryback defeated Miz. Ryback won after Shell Shock in a somewhat forgettable match

AJ Lee and Kaitlyn contract signing. OK promo work but the bump AJ took after the spear was awesome and well worth the wait. AJ had some great one liners

5. Fandango defeated Wade Barrett. Summer Rae is hot. Match was just there to build for MITB. No Dean Ambrose makes me think he might take it at the PPV

Del Rio and "Sin Cara" never really got started as it was revealed it was Ziggler through his motions. Ziggler was earlier told to go home by Teddy Long. Afterwards Vickie Guerrero came out and Teddy Long called for security and they escorted her out. The security guards were independent wrestlers Rhett Titus, Chase Owens, Bobby Shields, and I believe Kyle Mathews

6. Randy Orton fought Sheamus to a no contest. Orton is defiantly super over and the match was good. Daniel Bryan came out after a nasty fall from both competitors and hit them with the ladder. Christian came out and went for briefcase but eventually Orton got the briefcase and posed to send fans home happy.

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