7/24 WWE Smackdown taping spoilers: A second report on the taping for Friday's television show (spoilers)

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Jul 25, 2013 - 10:33 AM

WWE Smackdown taping
Corpus Christi, Texas
Report by Dot Net reader Kaleb Wiginton

Yoshi Tatsu signed and took pictures at the merchandise stand outside before the gates opened. He's a really nice guy. Only chant that was going before the show were some "woooooo" yells, so don't expect much from this crowd.

Lilian's national anthem is amazing. Michael Cole came out to scattered boos and applause. JBL came out to a good pop.

1. Randy Orton defeated Damien Sandow. Randy Orton came out to a huge pop. Sandow came out to bring some intelligence to this town, and goodness knows we needed it. He cut a promo about all of us being cow tippers. Cody Rhodes came out at the 13 minute mark to distract Sandow, allowing Orton to hit the RKO for the clean pin. Cody walked off with the briefcase.

CM Punk came out to cut a promo to a good pop to promote the best vs. the beast. Fandango interrupted. The second he jumped into the ring CM Punk attacked and hit the GTS.

2. Mark Henry and The Usos defeated The Primetime Players and Wade Barrett. Glorified squash match. The Usos' kicks are insanely loud.

3. Alberto Del Rio defeated Rob Van Dam. Huge pop for RVD. Mixed reaction for Del Rio. Del Rio stalled for 2 minutes then he hit a super kick out of nowhere for the win. Everyone was stunned. They hyped RVD big time locally just to lose that quickly? What a waste.

AJ came out for a promo to clear the air. She claimed she was fine because she was the Divas Champion. Ziggler came out saying she was crazy. AJ began destroying all of Ziggler's clothing. Kaitlyn came out and speared AJ. Ziggler hit a Fameasser on Big E while checking on AJ.

Out came Tons of Funk. There was a honk and the Wyatt Family came out. Apparently we are getting a match.

4. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan (w/Bray Wyatt) defeated Tons of Funk. Total squash. By the time I typed in the match it was over. Wyatt came in and said to follow the buzzards. I think I will.

5. Christian defeated Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter). Colter had a funny bit about Corpus Christi being North Mexico. Loud "We the People" on Zeb's command. Fun 7-8 minute match going back and forth until Christian hit the Kill Switch.

Out came Sandow still looking for Cody and his briefcase. Cody was at the gulf and told him to come get it.

6. CM Punk defeated Fandango. Corpus like to Fandango. Summer Rae is hot in person. Punk threw his shirt at her and she freaked out. Lots of comedy for the first two minutes. CM Punk hit the superplex and turned it into the anaconda vice for the win in 11 minutes.

Sandow finally found Rhodes. He begged Rhodes not to throw the briefcase into the Gulf. Rhodes threw it in anyway. Sandow said he couldn't swim and he jumped in after it anyway. Needless to say, he didn't reach it. That ended the show.

Dark Main Event

1. Dolph Ziggler defeated Big E Langston. I knew Big E was athletic, but when he jumped for his running splash he easily jumped higher than the ring ropes. This was, for me, the match of the night. Ziggler did a lot of selling and made Langston's power moves look fierce. Ziggler hit the ZigZag to send the crowd home happy at the 11 minute mark.

All in all a fun night. Disappointed the Shield wasn't here as advertised. Also disappointed at no Daniel Bryan, but at least we got to see CM Punk. Well worth the price of the front row seat. The attendance was in the 6,000-7,000 range.

Biggest Pop
CM Punk

Most Heat
Don't really remember much after her.

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