7/11 WWE NXT TV taping spoilers: Full results of upcoming television shows, several WWE stars appear (spoilers)

Jul 12, 2013 - 09:31 AM

WWE NXT taping
Winter Park, Florida at Full Sail University
Report by Joseph McGuirk

Dark Match

1. Mojo Rawley beat Jason Jordan.

Episode One:

William Regal and Tony Dawson commentating, Kendall Skye ring announcing

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady cut a promo. Tons of Funk comes out. Mason Ryan comes out too. No match. Just a brawl with Enzo and Colin running away.

1. Charlotte (Flair) beat Sasha Banks. Charlotte wins. Sasha is awesome!

2. Luke Harper and Erik Rowan beat Aiden English and Michael Keegan. The Wyatts had the new entrance. Total squash. Bray hit his finisher on English after the match but the replay was running so he hit it again. There were loud "one more time" chants. The Wyatts were over huge since coming out. Bray cut a promo. Today is the day that Bray Wyatt decided to bring down the machine. Today they say goodbye to NXT. He wont be hard to find. Look up in the sky and follow the buzzard. He sang "Time Is On My Side." Chants of "Thank you, Bray" broke out.

Sylvester Lefort came out and cut a promo. He introduced Scott Dawson. Titantron was updated to just have Dawson's name, no Garrett Dylan.

3. Corey Graves (w/ Adrian Neville) beat Scott Dawson (w/Lefort). The Shield music hit!!! Seth Rollins put down Graves. Dean Ambrose calls Neville a thief for sliding into Kassius Ohno's spot to win the tag titles. Neville challenged Ambrose for the U.S. Title tonight. Ambrose said next week.

4. Leo Krueger and Antonio Cesaro beat Sami Zayn and Bo Rotundo. Sami started and the idiots start the "Ole"s again. A WWE photographer stood in front of me and I told him he was welcome to stand during Bo's part of the match and block my view. Of note, former TNA referee Rudy Charles was reffing this match. Sami and Cesaro battle to the back and then Krueger won.

Episode Two:

Alex Riley and Scott Phillips were commentating, Byron Saxton handled the announcing.

There was a backstage segment with Tyler Breeze. CJ Parker made faces behind him while he stared at his phone.

Byron lets us know that Breeze has entered the building.

1. Adrian Neville vs. Dean Ambrose for the US Championship ended in a no contest. No crowd entrance for Dean. An okay match. Neville hit the Red Arrow but Rollins and Reigns made the save. Corey Graves and Xavier Woods ran in to clear the ring.

These words did not make me happy: "The following is the first ever NXT dance off." Winner gets a title shot. Summer Rae was out first in ballroom gear. Emma was out next wearing a t-shirt over her gear. There were four rounds of "back and forth action." Wow... Summer was up first. They did it battle style taking turns with the music never stopping. Bryon emceed. The crowd got really into it, for what it's worth.

Emma did the shopping cart and Summer grabbed the mic and told them to play her "real music." Fandango's music hit and believe it or not the crowd sang along. Emma had her song played. There were fewer people dancing but more cheers for her afterward. There were lots of yes chants throughout. Why did I take so many notes on this... There were "No" chants when the crowd was asked if Summer won and "Yes" chants for Emma. Summer jumped Emma (shocking!). Fandango's music played as Summer leaves. The crowd "Fandangoed."

Danny Burch comes out. The stage lights went out. Dance music began. Tyler Breeze time. His phone actually broadcast his entrance on the tron. Nice! "That was awesome chant" when the entrance finished.

2. Tyler Breeze beat Danny Burch. A short match. Did the phone broadcasting again afterwards. Breeze laid on Burch afterwards for an amusing clip. He kinda dropped character as he got to the back then realized he was still broadcasting.

Byron was just informed that Tyler Breeze left the building. The crowd cheered and even yes'ed. "Amused NXT crowd is amused" said a smart man.

3. Bo Dallas beat Leo Kruger to retain the NXT Championship. Boos for Bo. I will admit to using the rest room and getting food during this match but I was told the crowd crapped on Bo the whole match. I saw some of it too when I came back. Bo won by submission. Yawn.

While outside, I saw Curtis Axel standing in the back lot as well as Paige walking. Axel was in his gear.

Episode Three:

Regal and Dawson were on commentary and Skye handled the ring announcing.

Paul Heyman came out and spoke about NXT being the future. Backstage is the next X, Y and Z then he brought out Curtis Axel. They said they're not here to defend the title. Big E's music hits. Big E challenged. Axel tried to weasel out then accepted.

1. Big E Langston beat Curtis Axel (w/Paul Heyman) by DQ. Do you think the crowd did Shah chants? Oh NXT crowd... There was a funny moment where the apron got pulled and the crowd chanted "fix the ring" and Paul yelled "I don't work for you people." He got cheered. Heyman did a run in, Axel got DQ'd, E went to kill Paul and Axel made the save. Axel missed a swing with the belt then got E's finisher. He got the crowd to do a five chant. E over huge!

Mason Ryan came out. Sylvester Lefort came out and cut a promo that he spent money to get Scott Dawson. Many took a bathroom break. I wish I had needed to as well.

2. Mason Ryan beat Scott Dawson (w/Sylvester Lefort). Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy came out. The distraction did nothing and Ryan wins. Ryan also overcame Amore and Colin, then threw Dawson onto them. Ok...

The Diva's Title appears on the screen for a split seconds. Whatever could be next!? Wrong but close. It's the NXT Women's Championship instead. Paige came out first. Summer's music hit. What? You're not Emma! No explanation.

3. Paige beat Summer Rae. Anticlimactic finish with Paige winning. Emma jumped Summer. Oh, Emma has a shirt apparently. That's what she's wearing. The crowd "Fandangoed" as Summer left.

The Shield music! They even went through the crowd.

4. The Shield beat Corey Graves, Adrian Neville, and Xavier Woods. Best match of the night so far, albeit not as good as I hoped. There was a scary spot were Ambrose suplexed Graves out of the ring. Reigns got the pin on Woods.

Episode Four:

Alex Riley and Scott Phillips were on commentary, Byron Saxton was ring announcing.

Byron reminded us we would get Dolph Ziggler tonight.

1. AJ Lee beat Bayley to retain the WWE Diva's Championship. Fun match! Very over with the crowd. I love Bayley's gimmick. The spot where she hugged AJ and hit her into the corner is money!

2. The Ascension defeated Michael Zackie and Ron Hicks. The crowd hit the "you suck" right at the end of the Ascension theme. Short match. Ascension won with a poor man's Total Elimination. I'm not sure why Ascension got lights and video again after their match.

3. CJ Parker beat Baron Corbin. Get a job, you hippie! Boring. Renee Young came out to interview CJ. He's really pushing the stoner gimmick. Tyler Breeze quickly came out to get in his face for the "video lovin'" showing a picture of the photo bomb. CJ ran off Tyler (kinda). Yawn. CJ's Tron actually has a guy smoking in it. Not very PG!

4. Antonio Cesaro defeated Sami Zayn in a best of three falls match. Sami jumped Cesaro during the entrance and got a quick first fall. There was a competitive second fall with Cesaro winning by submission from a sleeper. INSANE THIRD FALL! I cannot write words that do it justice. Cesaro won but you have to see it to believe it! The crowd went nuts, giving both a standing ovation. Absolutely match of the night!

Alexander Rusev came out with a board that said Dolph Ziggler and he broke it before the match. Huge pop for Ziggy. People fell over in the crowd catching Ziggler's shirt. This crowd! Also, in an effort to keep the crowd, Byron made an announcement before the match that another WWE Superstar would be making a huge announcement after the show.

5. Dolph Ziggler beat Alexander Rusev. Standard face in peril match. Ziggler wins with the Zig Zag. I was told this was the first time that Rusev has wrestled at a taping.

Mark Henry's music hit. He was wearing a Star Wars shirt. Jabba The Henry? He asked why were cheering him and said we weren't cheering the last two weeks. A Sexual Chocolate chant happened. He called the fans puppets. "Did you eat the Death Star" from someone in the crowd. Henry cut a promo about beating John Cena. He told us take a picture. It's a picture of the new champ. The crowd cheered. It'll be how he wants it, but August 22 he'll be back.

End of taping. Second taping in a row without Kassius Ohno. Very sad about this!

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