5/6 WWE Superstars spoilers: Detailed report on the two matches taped (spoilers)

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May 7, 2013 - 10:39 AM

WWE Superstars taping
Roanoke, Va.
Report by Dot Net reader Mike

1. Ted DiBiase defeated Michael McGillicutty. DiBiase got a polite response, which I'd imagine is because no one's seen him for awhile. Michael McGillicutty got no response. He also didn't generate any heat during their match, as the crowd couldn't have cared less about him. They did, however, get behind DiBiase in his attempts to power back from submission holds, and popped for him when he won.

2. Cody Rhodes beat Justin Gabriel. Rhodes actually got a decent response (perhaps they really like mustaches here in south-central Virginia). This was a pretty cut and dried match until close to the end, when there were two cool spots that led to two near falls. Gabriel went for a moonsault, missed and landed on his feet, and then Rhodes performed his own moonsault which connected for two. Then, when Rhodes went for his off-the-middle-rope kick, Gabriel caught him with a sitout powerbomb. I really enjoyed those two spots.

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