5/3 WWE Smackdown taping: Full results of the taping for Friday's television show (spoilers)

May 3, 2011 - 09:08 PM

Dot Net reader Robbie from Tampa is at the WWE Smackdown taping in Orlando, Fla. and is passing along the following updates. You must refresh the page for the latest updates.

The advertised main event is Randy Orton and Christian vs. Sheamus and Wade Barrett. I don't know if that's the dark match, but I assume it is.

Before the show, Booker T came out to the biggest ovation thus far. Josh Matthews came out to the Smackdown theme. Michael Cole came out to the loudest boos I've ever heard live. He had his Slammy Awards. They recapped Christian's title win and Smackdown opened cold with no pyro.

Tony Chimel introduced Christian as the new World Champion. Christian came out to an enormous pop. He savored in the Christian chants for a few minutes. He then said thank you to all of us and got emotional talking about Edge. Mark Henry interrupted. He told Christian congratulations but he wanted the World Title.

Christian said, "Mark you do realize this championship is gold and not chocolate right." Hilarious! Great Khali and Runjin Singh interrupted and Khali said he wants a title shot. He was greeted with loud "WHAT" chants.

Randy Orton's music then played. It was hard to tell who got a louder reaction between him and Christian. Orton threw his name in the hat as a contender. He said he's not a circus freak like Khali or Henry, but he is Randy Orton.

Teddy Long's music then hit. He said he was leaving it up the WWE Universe. He polled the crowd and Orton vs Christian got a massive cheer. Long then announced Orton vs Christian for the World Title tonight!

I went for a quick soda but while I was gone there was a backstage segment with Khali, Ranjin, and Jinder Mahal. I didn't see it so I'm not sure what happened.

1. Sheamus beat Daniel Bryan. Excellent hard hitting and fast paced match. It went almost 10 minutes. Sheamus won after two Brough Kicks.

Cody Rhodes then came out for a promo. He said even in defeat he exposed Rey Mysterio as a fraud. He complained about Rey spitting mist into his eyes. Rhodes said we were all ugly and he had his two guys pass out paper bags. He said our ugliness offends him. Surprisingly, nobody interrupted him.

They showed a recap video of the tag title match from Extreme Rules.

2. Ezekiel Jackson beat Big Show. Jackson had the other three members of The Corre with him. They surrounded the ring, but Kane's pyro hit and he made his way to ringside.

During the match, The Corre jumped Kane at ringside. Big Show left the ring and beat them all down. When he reentered, Jackson hit him with a huge clothesline and got the win after about five minutes. After the match, Ezekiel left The Corre when they were trying to celebrate with him. They all looked angry.

They re-capped Layla vs Michelle McCool from Extreme Rules.

3. Layla beat Alicia fox in about one minute. Layla is still using the Laycool music. I don't know how Alicia Fox doesn't dislocate her hip when she does her stripper walk.

Anyway, Kharma came out afterwards. Layla bailed because she isn't an idiot like Kelly Kelly. Alicia Fox tried to attack Kharma. Big mistake. She ate an implant buster. Layla watched on in horror. The crowd chanted "one more time." Alicia Fox had to be helped to the back. It looked like her shoulder was hurt.

Chavo Guerrero came out for commentary.

4. Sin Cara defeated Tyson Kidd. Lot's of Sin Cara chants from the crowd. The ring was lit up with blue and gold lights for the match. Sin Cara won in three minutes after hitting that backflip exploder suplex from the top rope. After the match, Chavo got in the ring and had a stare down with Sin Cara and they shook hands. I had flashbacks to some of the great cruiserweight matchups from WCW Nitro during the match.

Backstage The Corre tried talking to Ezekial Jackson backstage but he wasn't listening so they beat him down.

In another backstage area. Todd Grisham asked Teddy Long if he thought it was fair for Christian to already defend his title just 5 days removed from a ladder match. Long said he was just giving the WWE Universe what they want and brought up that Orton just competed in a Last Man Standing Match.

Randy Orton made his way to the ring for the main event.

5. Randy Orton defeated Christian to win the World Hvt. Championship. Incredible 15 minute match. Lots of nearfalls and the crowd was electric for both men. Orton won when he hit Christian with an RKO in mid-air. I'm disappointed as a Christian fan but this match was awesome live.

Christian sold disbelief in the ring. The crowd gave him a standing ovation and chanted his name. I'm not sure when the taping ended but Christian walked to the back with a skocked look on his face.

After Smackdown, Randy Orton came out with a mic. He said, "When you all leave here tonight, I want you all to remember that I'm Randy Orton and I'm the new World Heavyweight Champion."

There was no dark match. Overall it was an awesome night. The crowd was hot all night long with USA chants.

Loudest Pops
Christian and Randy Orton tied
Sin Cara
Booker T
Big Show

Biggest Heat
Michael Cole
The Corre

This is my 4th Smackdown live and it's the best TV show I've ever been too. The only shows I've seen live that were better was Wrestlemania 24 and 27.

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