5/27 WWE Superstars taping spoilers and pre-Raw notes (spoilers)

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May 27, 2013 - 06:44 PM

Dot Net readers Brad White and Drew Scherban are at the WWE Raw event in Calgary, Alberta and are passing along updates on the WWE Superstars taping. Refresh the page for the latest updates if you are reading this prior to the Raw show airing.

The camera side is all taped off. Every other section is close to being sold out.

WWE Superstars

1. R-Truth beat Antonio Cesaro in 5:17. The crowd favored Truth with "What's up" chants. Quick back and forth match with three near falls. R-Truth won with the Flatliner.

2. Sin Cara and Justin Gabriel beat The Prime Time Players at 7:39. The match started awkwardly with a few miscommunications. Justin Gabriel and Sin Cara won with the 450 splash.

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