5/23 WWE NXT taping spoilers: Stephanie McMahon video kicks off the NXT Divas Championship tournament, Big E Langston vs. Bo Dallas for the NXT Championship, Antonio Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn

May 24, 2013 - 02:15 PM

WWE NXT taping
Winter Park, Florida at Full Sail University
Report by Dot Net reader Joseph McGuirk

There were two full sets of stands empty at start of the show and they only got a few people as the show went on.

Stephanie McMahon appeared in a video saying there will be an NXT Diva's Championship. The tournament begins tonight.

Show One

Brad Maddox and Tom Phillips on Commentary, Byron Saxton handling ring announcing.

Jim Ross comes out to officiate the contract signing between Bo Dallas and Big E Langston for the NXT Title. Bo says he needs the NXT belt to get back on WWE TV. Big E tells him Bo lives at home with his mom, throws some other zings Bo's way, and said he will not lose the belt. Bo signs and pushes the clipboard into Big E then storms off. Big E was over huge with the crowd.

Renee Young interviews Corey Graves. He is tagging with Ohno to fight the Wyatt Family, but makes it clear he does not like Ohno.

1. Paige beat Tamina Snuka in an NXT Diva Championship Tournament first-round match. Paige wins by putting up her knees when Tamina went for the Superfly Splash. Sloppy match.

2. Mason Ryan beat Colin Cassidy. Cassidy got the jobber entrance. We were "lucky" enough to get the Ryan victory in a short time.

3. Alex Reilly vs. Connor O'Brian. A-Ry had a short entrance which means...Connor wins with a crappy new submission hold. Keep in mind the last guys Connor beat at a taping got released (Pierce and Sakamoto). A-Ry better not be! After the match, the dude that starred at him last time (Rick Victor) joined Connor on the stage.

4. The Wyatt Family beat Kassius Ohno and Corey Graves. Bray of course cut a promo beforehand. Some swaying from the crowd. Bray got involved with the distraction leading to the win by the Wyatts.

Show Two

William Regal and Tony Dawson on commentary, Byron Saxton still announcing.

1. Sami Zayn vs. Antonio Cesaro. They showed clips from their last match, but this was an amazing match! Too much good stuff to list! Cesaro jawjacks Sami after getting the win. Guessing we'll see a rematch between them.

2. Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan beat Baron Corbin and Travis Tyler. Jobber entrance for Tyler and Corbin. Sylvester Lefort came out and introduced Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan.

3. Alicia Fox vs. Bayley in an NXT Diva Championship Tournament first-round match. Fox puts a giant leg on Bailey and wins to advance. Fox worked heel, which was amusing.

4. Bo Dallas beat Big E Langston to win the NXT Championship. It saddens me to say that Bo actually flubbed pulling the turnbuckle off the corner, but still won by pushing Big E into the turnbuckle twice. Hard camera bleacher crowd turned their backs in protest, but not sure it will make TV.

Show Three

Brad Maddox and Tony Dawson on commentary. Annoying female ring announcer; however, Byron Saxton did the hype to get the crowd to do NXT since they crapped on her attempt to hype them last taping.

1. Adrian Neville vs. Bray Wyatt ended in a DQ when The Family got involved. Ohno and Graves make the save. Dusty Rhodes's music hit and he set up a 6-man for later in the same show.

2. Sami Zayn beat Angelo Dawkins. Short match. Still some dumbasses who think they're smart in the crowd were still doing "Ole."

3. Summer Rae beat Sasha Banks in an NXT Diva Championship Tournament first-round match. Some Fandango singing before the match started, but it slowed down. Summer wins with a new finisher.

Xavier Woods cut an amazing promo where he had a Power Rangers communicator go off, sound effects and all!

4. Xavier Woods beat Jake Carter. Carter got the jobber entrance. Woods was billed from Angel Grove, CA (where the Power Rangers were from). Xavier was over with the crowd and had an awesome entrance with a cool tron!

5. The Wyatt Family beat Adrian Neville, Corey Graves, and Kassius Ohno in a 6-man. Pretty standard tag until Neville got the hot tag towards the end. He hit his high spots but Family interference helped Bray get the pin.

Show Four

William Regal and Tony Dawson commentating. Byron Saxton announcing again.

1. Big E Langston beat Aiden English. English had a jobber entrance but managed to create some amusement. Quicky squash. Big E did the obligatory extra finisher and 5 count...twice.

2. Leo Kruger beat Dante Dash. Jobber entrance for Dante Dash. Krueger wins and sticks around for the next match.

3. Bo Dallas beat a jobber. Yawn. Krueger came in and beat up said jobber to presumably set up a future fued with Bo.

4. Emma beat Aksana in an NXT Diva Championship Tournament first-round match. Emma's entrance was super over, and was followed by an Emma chant. Emma wins by submission. They brought kids in to dance with her.

5. Kassius Ohno and Corey Graves beat Double D (Dylan and Dawson w/ Sylvester Lefort) to become No. 1 contenders to the NXT Tag Titles. Maybe it'll be better on TV but really boring. Ohno and Graves became #1 contenders to the Tag Titles. Wyatt Family ran out right after the pin to lay out Graves and Ohno. Neville came out but Double D got involved. William Regal ran in but the multitude of heels were too much. Bray ultimately takes out Regal and keeps the beating going.

No one commentating for Ryback's segment. Ryback cut a promo starting face, putting over WWE Payback, and then crapping on the crowd. He then says he's there to fight anyone in the back. Out comes Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy. They cut a promo talking crap about Ryback that was hilarious. "Ryback rules the line at the local Golden Coral". One line of many funny ones. They said they are going after Ryback 2-on-1 but Amore stops short when his partner runs into the meat hook. Amore then says that he didn't mean anything that he said and that he always knew that Ryback would be a champion one day. He hugs Ryback, Ryback pretends to go for it and then lays him out to end the show

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