5/21 WWE Main Event taping: A second report on the taping for tonight's television show (spoilers)

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May 22, 2013 - 10:05 AM

WWE Main Event taping
Omaha, Nebraska
Report by Dot Net reader Ed Watkins

Dark Match

1. Justin Gabriel pinned Cody Rhodes with a 450 splash. I was certainly surprised with the results, though I am not sure if it means a push for Gabriel or if Cody is somehow in the dog house.

WWE Main Event Taping

1. Alberto Del Rio beat Big E Langston. An impressive outing from both men that got the hot crowd worked up. Solid back and forth action, with numerous reversals and power spots. I am not sure of the length of time, but I was impressed that for a guy carrying so (too?) much muscle, Langston didn’t appear to be blown up. It probably helps that he was paired with a solid worker in Del Rio, even if his babyface persona doesn’t click with me.

2. The Usos beat 3MB. I am not sure I agree with the previous report of Omaha not having a good turnout. From my perspective (on the same side as the hard camera), I would say the crowd was pretty full, especially considering it was early in the week and school is still in session. In fact, the crowd was fairly hot, chanting for even the least over acts, including both the Usos and 3MB. Mid match, Ryback (who somewhat resembles Bully Ray in his new leather vest – perhaps he is starting Aces and Ates?) interfered, slamming Heath Slater to the ground face first before tossing him into the back of an ambulance and driving off. Maybe this will pay off in future episodes of Main Event, but I don’t really see how having your main heel beating up on undercard heels with no heat is going to benefit anyone involved. After the distraction, the Usos used their top rope splash and pinned Jinder Mahal.

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