4/23 WWE Saturday Morning Slam: More details on the taping for Saturday's show

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Apr 23, 2013 - 06:27 PM

WWE Saturday Morning Slam taping
London, England
Report by Dot Net reader Matthew Davies (@tommy_starbuck)

Dark Match

1. Alex Riley beat Primo (w/Epico) after a couple of minutes with a swinging neck breaker. Riley got a decent pop, as you would expect given his was the first match on. The venue was around two thirds full at this point.

Saturday Slam

Josh Matthews and Alicia Fox come out to handle commentary – as those of us in the arena said a silent prayer of thanks that we’re here and not listening to that combo

2. Santino beat Jinder Mahal win came courtesy of a Cobra. Santino came to the ring on a ‘boris bike’ – a bicycle you can hire by the hour in London, named after mayor Boris Johnson. Santino’s schtick is funnier in person than on TV. First time around at least.

2. Randy Orton and Sheamus beat The Primetime Players. Standard stuff, Orton pinned D-Young after an RKO.

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