4/23 WWE Main Event taping spoilers: Full report on the taping for Wednesday's television show

Apr 23, 2013 - 06:32 PM

WWE Main Event TV taping
London, England
Report by Dot Net reader Matthew Davies (@tommy_starbuck)

JBL stood centre ring with mic in hand, he got a good pop. JBL called out Mark Henry. The big man waddles down the aisle and into the ring. JBL runs footage of Henry’s attacks on Sheamus from the past few weeks. JBL says he wants to see Henry fight tonight. Henry suggests a two on one match, JBL has a better idea – a four on one gauntlet match. Henry agrees.

1. Mark Henry lost a gauntlet match by countout. Out came the Usos. Both are dispatched in swift fashion via a couple of World’s Strongest Slams.

Next comes Santino Marella. Man, it seemed early to be wheeling him out again (after he was out for the Saturday Morning Slam taping), is the Brooklyn Brawler in Nottingham tonight? Santino was caught off the top rope for the pin which brought out the final gauntlet runner.

Well, runner perhaps not the word to describe the Great Khali who takes an age to get to the ring, looking as if every step is excruciating and as if it’s been years since he bent his knees. I am genuinely concerned for his health, surely the flying alone is ruining his quality of life? It’s not like he adds much in the ring.

After some back and forth action, Henry decides he’s had enough and walks up the aisle for the count out. What a limp way to finish (excuse the pun.) Khali wins – cue dreadful dancing.

Matt Striker stood at the top of the ramp and introduced Zeb Colter. He had a fairly amusing line when he asked "what type of man dyes their hair blonde?" in reference to Dolph Ziggler. Jack Swagger then came out and said "we the people" too many times. Yawn.

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