2/19 WWE Main Event taping spoilers

Feb 19, 2013 - 08:13 PM

Dot Net reader Philip Knight is at the WWE Smackdown taping in Biloxi, Mississippi and sent the following report on the WWE Main Event taping. Please refresh the page for the latest updates.

Michael Cole made his entrance to boos and they showed a GI Joe Preview. Miz was also at ringside.

Big Show came out complaining about them showing stills of Alberto Del Rio from Elimination Chamber. He started calling out Booker T and the locker room. Out came The Usos for a two-on-one handicap match.

1. Big Show beat The Uso Brothers in a handicap match. Show won with a double chokeslam. Brodus Clay came out and another match started.

2. Big Show beat Brodus Clay. Brodus went for the smash in the corner only to meet a WMD, leading to Show winning.

The Great Khali's music hits.

3. Big Show beat The Great Khali by countout. Show hit the knockout punch on Khali to knock him outside the ring, where he was counted out. Show jawed at Miz and Miz got up from commentary and gave the Big Show several kicks to knock him out the ring. Big pop for Miz!

A recap was shown of Vickie Guerrero hiring Brad Maddox, and Vince McMahon challenging Paul Heyman.

Matt Striker interviewed Maddox and asked him about his agenda. He said the "Brickie Era" is bigger than any era before. He claimed the match with Vince and Paul is his idea. Striker also interviewed Justin Gabriel and Titus O'Neil backstage. It was a pretty funny interview.

4. Justin Gabriel beat Titus O'Neil. Gabriel won with the 450 Splash. This concluded the Main Event taping.

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