1/22 WWE Saturday Morning Slam taping spoilers

Posted in: WWE News
Jan 22, 2013 - 10:38 PM

Dot Net reader Reid Galbreath attended the WWE Smackdown taping in Sacramento, California and sent the following report on the WWE Saturday Morning Slam taping.

1. Kofi Kingston and Brodus Clay beat The Prime Time Players. The crowd enjoyed the shuck and jive, as did I in all honesty, as it was my first time seeing it live. The best pop of the match was a flip by Kofi off of Clay's back to the outside following the Prime Time Players calling a time out. Clay scored the win following a "Call My Mama" splash. The match was about ten minutes long. Following the win, Kofi and Clay brought in several kids from the audience for a dance party, which went over well with the crowd.

2. Justin Gabriel over Curt Hawkins. This kicked off with what appeared to be a botched ring jump by Gabriel. The match was quite good overall and ended with an impressive flip off the top role by Gabriel, who won by pinfall in just under ten minutes.

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