12/17 WWE Main Event taping spoilers - The taping for Wednesday's ION Network show (spoilers)

Dec 17, 2012 - 06:54 PM

Dot Net contributor Mark Gessner is at the WWE Raw show in Philadelphia, Pa. and is passing along the following updates on the WWE Main Event taping. You must refresh the page if you are reading this prior to Raw to view the latest updates.

The show opened with a replay of Cody Rhodes being injured last month in his and Damien Sandows match vs. Kane and Daniel Bryan, while Miz and Cole talked about it at the announcers desk.

1. Kane and Daniel Bryan defeated Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship. Rhodes and Bryan were set to start off the match but Cody (and his mustache which received chants earlier), demanded that Bryan tag in Kane. Kane got the better of Rhodes leading to him tagging in Sandow.

Team Hell No worked over Sandow including an awesome move where Bryan had Sandow's arm locked behind his back on the ground and proceed to drop knees to his back and got a "YES!" with every knee drop.

The Rhodes Scholars were able to make a comeback and worked over both Kane and Bryan. Rhodes Scholars looked to have the match won after Sandow hit his neck breaker finisher and Rhodes hit the Beautiful Disaster Kick, but Bryan made the save. Kane followed up with a chokeslam and Bryan made a blind tag and hit a top rope headbutt to score the win in about 20 minutes.

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