10/9 WWE Superstars taping: Two matches taped for this week's online show (spoilers)

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Oct 10, 2012 - 10:52 AM

WWE Superstars taping
San Jose, California
Report by Dot Net reader Trent Dozier

1. Wade Barrett beat Tyson Kidd. The San Jose crowd was HOT for this match. Barrett came out first to a good, mixed reaction, and Kidd got cheers. Being the first match of the night helped I think, but also this match was really good. It's been said a lot, but Tyson Kidd needs to be in a feud. As for Wade Barrett, he is awesome and needs something to do too. The end came in about 8 minutes after Barrett hit a monster Winds of Change (I think that's what he calls it. It's also known as the Black Hole Slam, of Abyss fame) and followed it up with The Souvenir. It was definitely the match of the night. 

2. U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro defeated Justin Gabriel. This was another good match. Not as good as Barrett vs Kidd, but still good. There were a ton of 'U-S-A!' chants, despite the fact that no Americans were involved in the match. People were probably just chanting for the title belt or something. This went about seven minutes, and ended when Gabriel went up top to go for the 450 splash, but Cesaro knocked him off and hit the Nuetralizer for the win. 

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