10/9 WWE Smackdown taping spoilers: Additional details on the taping for Friday's television show

Oct 10, 2012 - 11:10 AM

WWE Smackdown taping
San Jose, California
Report by Dot Net reader Trent Dozier

Out first was JBL, who did commentary with Josh Mathews this week. Josh offered a handshake, but JBL slapped his hand away. Hilarious! 

Booker T came out to start the show, and on the stage was some punching bag, like the one they had on NXT. I remember Kaval trying to kick it, and it went poorly for him. Booker said all the talk going around right now was which is more devastating: Brogue Kick or WMD? He said each man would hit the punching bag, and whoever's score was higher would be the winner. Booker asked Show to go first, but he didn't want to, so eventually Sheamus went first. He scored 1300.

Big Show still didn't want to participate, and Sheamus asked him if he was going to be embarrassed if his score was lower than his. Sheamus said what was really embarrassing, though, was Show's last World Heavyweight championship match, which he lost in 45 seconds. This displeased Show, so he punched the bag, and scored 1800 to win. Show stared Sheamus down and left. As Sheamus was talking to Booker, Tensai attacked him from behind with one shot, and went backstage. 

Before the match started, the showed some San Francisco 49ers sitting behind the announcers. Among them were Patrick Willis, Joe Staley, Mike Iupati, Anthony Dixon, Bruce Miller, and two or three others who I couldn't make out. The Vikings victory over them was nothing but a fluke, by the way. Editor's Note: That's a lie.

1. Sheamus defeated Tensai. Sheamus went to the ring, and apparently we have a match, because Tensai's music hit to bring him back out again. Sheamus jumped him before he got to the ring, and eventually the bell rang. Sheamus won in about 2 or 3 minutes with White Noise, followed up by a Brogue Kick. Sheamus, unlike some people, had no trouble picking up Tensai.

Ricardo Rodriguez was backstage telling Alberto del Rio that he's scared of Orton, and ADR told him to go and find Orton if he's so scared of him. It didn't really make sense, but Ricardo obliged. As he was looking, he heard snake noises, and he ran into Santino and the cobra, which scared him. 

Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal came out to some mild heat, and said as individuals their acts stalled, but together, they're a band. Then they all started playing air guitar, and it was awesome. Santino's music hit, and he and Zack Ryder came out. 

2. Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal (w/Drew McIntyre) defeated Santino Marella and Zack Ryder. The heels won in about 3 minutes when the match broke down, and Slater hit some type of inverted DDT on Ryder for the win. Of note, San Jose loves Zack Ryder. Post-match, the band played more air guitar, much to my delight. 

They then showed a Tout that Dolph Ziggler wanted to face Kane tonight, so, that match was next. Kane came out first to a big time face reaction. Vickie Guerrero was out next to introduce Dolph, and she got the most heat of the night, hands down. I heard nothing she said. Dolph came out, and got practically no reaction, positive or negative, which surprised me. 

3. World Tag Team Champion Kane defeated Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero) by DQ. The crowd was into this match big time! Dueling 'Let's Go Ziggler!/Let's Go Kane!' chants the whole nine minutes. The end happened when Dolph hit Kane with his Money In The Bank briefcase right in front of the ref. 

Post-match, Dolph tried to continue the assault, but Kane gained the upper hand with an upper cut. Daniel Bryan came running out to help Kane, but Dolph used Bryan as a distraction, and he escaped. Kane and Bryan started arguing in the ring, and Matt Striker tried to interview them. He said that some people were saying that Daniel Bryan was the weak link of the team, to which Bryan replied by putting Striker in the No! Lock. Kane then pulled Bryan off of him by the beard, and gave Striker a chokeslam. Then the tag team champions bickered the whole way up the ramp.

The Miz was out next, to join Josh and JBL on commentary. Kofi Kingston came out next, then the Big Show. 

4. Big Show over Kofi Kingston. Show won in two minutes with the WMD. After the match, The Miz trash-talked a fallen Kofi, continuing hype for their match on Main Event next week. 

They showed a WWE website poll asking who CM Punk should face at Hell In A Cell. Much to my surprise, Ryback had 52 percent and John Cena had 48 percent.

Ricardo was backstage talking to ADR again, saying he's still scared. A shadow appeared around the corner, but it turned out to be Daniel Bryan. Bryan says ADR is scared of Orton, and that Booker has made the main event of Bryan vs ADR. 

In Booker T's office, Layla and Kaitlyn were babbling about how Eve must've injured Kaitlyn, and Teddy Long says that Aksana said that she saw a blond wig in Eve's bag. Eve then showed up, and said she just found a blond wig in Teddy's bag. Eve put the wig on Teddy, which the live crowd thought was hilarious. Booker, Layla and Kaitlyn left, and Teddy asked why Eve why she was doing this to him because he's innocent. Eve said she's also innocent. 

Sin Cara entered next as I was sending an email, and his pyro scared the shit out of me, much to the delight of my brothers, and the woman behind me. Damien Sandow came out next with Cody Rhodes. 

5. Sin Cara (w/mood lighting) defeated Damien Sandow (w/Cody Rhodes). Sin Cara won in about three minutes when Cody got ejected, and Sin Cara used the distraction to roll up Sandow. 

Backstage, Bryan told Kane not to help him, no matter how much trouble he was in. Ricardo came out to introduce ADR, then Bryan made his entrance to a major reaction. 

6. Alberto Del Rio defeated World Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan. I have no idea how long this match was, because myself and the rest of the crowd were busy doing Yes! and No! chants. The match ended when Bryan had ADR in the No! Lock, and Ricardo helped him get to the ropes. ADR then threw Bryan into the ring post, and he locked on the cross arm breaker, to which Bryan tapped out. 

After the match, ADR showed footage of him beating down Orton a few weeks ago, and ADR said Orton doesn't have the guts to show up. ADR started mocking Orton's different poses, and Randy eventually showed up and started beating del Rio up. Ricardo eventually interfered, allowing ADR to escape, so Orton RKO'd Ricardo through the announce table as Alberto watched from the ramp. 

Dark Segment

As Orton celebrated in the ring, Big Show came out in sweats, and told Randy to leave. Instead, Randy attacked Show, and ADR came back out for a 2-on-1 beatdown. Sheamus came back out to even the odds, and ADR ended up taking a Brogue Kick, while Show took an RKO to send the crowd home happy. 

Overall Thoughts

-This was only my second live show ever, the first being a San Jose Smackdown taping about two years ago. This one was much better, and the crowd was really hot the whole night, despite the tapings being four hours. 

-Wade Barrett vs Tyson Kidd was the best wrestling at the tapings, while Daniel Bryan vs Alberto del Rio and Dolph Ziggler vs Kane had the crowd entertained throughout both of their matches. 

-Personally, I'm sick of Sheamus, and I think he's like John Cena-light, so I was glad he wasn't featured to heavily on this show. On the other hand, Big Show was all over the place tonight, and I was surprised that he got solid heat every single time. 

-The amount of heat that Vickie Guerrero garners just by standing there, is astonishing. 

-In May, I went to the Strikeforce show at HP Pavilion, and in July, I went to the UFC on Fuel event there too. Smackdown had twice as many fans as both of those shows. The crowd was hot all night, and it was just an overall awesome night. 

-WWE announced they're returning to HP Pavilion on January 21 with Raw, and I'll be there for my first Raw, in the front row! Should be awesome. 

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