10/9 WWE Main Event taping: Additional details on tonight's television show (spoilers)

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Oct 10, 2012 - 11:02 AM

WWE Main Event taping
San Jose, California
Report by Dot Net reader Trent Dozier

Michael Cole and The Miz start in the middle of the ring like last week, and they hype up Orton vs Show for the main event. They throw it to a Big Show hype video, and Show talks about how he's fed up.  

Josh Mathews then interviews Show backstage, and Show basically threatens to punch Josh in the face. Unfortunately it didn't happen. Back in the ring, Miz talks about being KO'd by show before and how it sucks, then Cole tosses it to an Orton hype video. Arn Anderson, Cena, Triple H and Batista all talk about how nothing can stop Randy. Matt Striker is then backstage interviewing Orton, and Randy says he's coming for Alberto del Rio later. As for Big Show, lightning can't strike twice, but a viper can. Randy's music immediately hit, and he made his way to the ring EXTREMELY slowly. Show came out to decent heat. Show was all over the tapings tonight, and had solid heat every time. 

1. Big Show over Randy Orton. This match was really slow and plodding, but the crowd was pretty into, with plenty of 'Randy' chants. Towards the end of the match, Orton hit an RKO, but Show rolled out of the ring. Orton followed him out, and went for another RKO, but Show blocked it and shoved Orton into the ring apron. Show hit the chokeslam for the win in about 17 minutes.

After the match, Striker tried to interview Show on the stage, but Show took the mic from him and said he was gonna beat Sheamus at Hell In A Cell, and he left. Next was Josh Mathews interviewing Sheamus backstage, who said he was here to fight, and there was no bigger fight than Big Show, and no bigger fight with Big Show than a fight in a Hell In A Cell. 

2. Kofi Kingston defeated Michael McGillicutty. Kofi got a decent pop, and McGillicutty got less than no reaction. He was also wearing a plain, black leather vest, which didn't match his trunks. Odd, and funny. Kofi won in 2 minutes when he went for Trouble In Paradise, but McGillicutty avoided it and went for a clothesline, which Kofi ducked under and hit the S.O.S. 

After the match, The Miz entered the ring to interview Kofi. Kofi said his match was fun, and Miz said Kofi isn't on his level, and he'll never be on his level. Kofi reminded everyone that just last year he was an Intercontinental Champion, and he was a fighting champion, unlike Miz. Miz said to name a time and place, and he'd fight Kofi; Kofi said next week's Main Event, to which Miz agreed. Kofi then goaded Miz into making it a title match, and eventually dropped him with a Trouble In Paradise to end the Main Event tapings. 

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