(Updated) 10/30 WWE Smackdown taping spoilers: Results of Friday's television show (spoilers)

Oct 31, 2012 - 08:28 PM

WWE Smackdown taping
Fayetteville, N.C.
Report by Dot Net reader Todd Lyden

The Miz hosted Miz TV with special guest Sheamus. Kofi Kinston and Big Show got involved. Sheamus asked Show for a rematch. Show walked out. Miz was eventually thrown out of the ring.

1. Darren Young defeated Sin Cara.

2. Rey Mysterio defeated Titus O'Neil.

3. Wade Barrett beat Randy Orton when Alberto Del Rio interfered.

4. The Great Khali defeated David Otunga.

There was a great backstage segment with Orton and Del Rio that ended with Matt Striker's face in a cake.

5. R-Truth defeated Justin Gabriel.

6. Big Show and The Miz defeated Sheamus and Kofi Kingston.

After the main event, Sheamus came out and challenged Big Show. Sheamus ended up delivering the Brogue Kick to Big Show, presumably in a dark segment.

Update: Thanks to Dot Net reader Tony (@TEW_Punk) for passing along the word that the opening match was not Rey and Sin Cara vs. The Players, but rather to separate singles matches. Let's just say that it's amazing how many websites had the same results we were sent from our first correspondent.

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