10/10 WWE NXT TV tapings spoilers: Full results of upcoming television shows, Christian interviews Alberto Del Rio on The Peep Show, Luke Harper, Sami Zayn promo, Tensai on commentary (spoilers)

Oct 11, 2013 - 09:19 AM

WWE NXT TV taping
Winter Park, Florida at Full Sail University
Report by Joseph McGuirk

Episode One:

Alex Riley, Tom Phillips, and Tensai were on commentary. Byron Saxton served as the ring announcer.

1. Slate Randall defeated Yoshi Tatsu.

Corey Graves cut a promo and was jumped by Adrian Neville.

2. Sasha Banks defeated Emma. Paige tried to stop Summer Rae interference but ended up costing Emma the match. Emma and Paige argued.

3. The Ascension defeated Tommy Taylor and Casey Marin.

4. Alexander Rusev beat CJ Parker. Rusev won by tapout. Some woman walked out during the match. (Z: her name is Lana). Tyler Breeze came out after with scissors. He cut two dreads off Parker.

5. Corey Graves beat Adrian Neville. Graves won by submission.

Episode Two:

William Regal, Byron Saxon, and Renee Young were on commentary and Kendall Skye was the ring announcer.

1. Alexander Rusev and Sylvester Lefort beat Enzo Amore and Big Cass. Rusev made Cass submit. Lana was on the ramp watching. Sylvester was left by Rusev and I will admit that I did not pay close enough attention to see if he was beaten up by Rusev too (probably, based on the rest of the night).

2. Aiden English beat Jason Jordan. English had a great entrance! The crowd booed so loud near me I couldn't hear the singing. English got the win. Encore after the match. Loved the roses! Regal gave a standing ovation.

3. Paige beat Summer Rae (w/Sasha). Sasha was sent to the back partway through the match. After Paige won, Sasha ran back to attack Paige. Emma made the save. Emma inadvertently hit Paige. Another awkward interaction for the two.

4. C.J. Parker defeated Tyler Breeze. Long mediocre match. The crowd hated Parker, but was into Breeze. Parker won, grabbed his dreads back and scissors, and the crowd yelled no. Tyler pulled away before Parker could cut his hair. Tyler's phone was actually left in the ring so I figured that would play in, but it did not.

Episode Three:

A-Ry, Phillips, and Young were on commentary and was Byron ring announcing.

Renee interviewed general manager JBL. Renee was in two places at once with Renee at the booth @_@. She explained Sami Zayn not being at the taping because JBL left him at home. They showed a WWE website "exclusive" interview earlier in the show where Zayn complained that his title match with Bo being restarted (at the previous taping) was a conspiracy by Triple H and JBL.

This was in response. In a "exclusive" interview with Bo, Dallas said he's taking vacation: Bo Dallas vs. The World Tour. They had him being really goofy. Don't stop Bolieving (sic).

1. Alexander Rusev beat Sylvester Lefort. Rusev was introduced by the new woman who was speaking Dothaki (Lana). Sylvester tried to pay off Rusev. Short squash by Rusev.

2. Leo Kruger beat El Local. Yawn. Leo won.

3. The Ascension defeated two enhancement wrestlers. Two scrubs entered the ring. The crowd was into them for what reason? The Ascension made their entranceand went on to get the win.

4. Mojo Rawley beat Tye Dillinger (f/k/a Shawn Spears). Why is Mojo over? Why is he booked?

5. Luke Harper beat Kassius Ohno. Pretty long match. Both guys laid it in. Decent false finishes. Harper won the best match of the night, but that's not saying much, and this was not as good as it may seem like it would be on paper.

Episode Four:

Tensai, Byron, and Regal were on commentary, and Kendall Skye handled the ring announcing.

1. Summer Rae and Sasha defeated Bailey and Charlotte. Charlotte attacked Sasha during the match. Really? She joined Sasha and Summer. Wow...

2. Aiden English defeated Camacho. Encore chant! Roses.

3. Mason Ryan defeated Danny Burch. The kingdom is divided! (that's a joke, Britain vs. Wales) Ryan wins.

4. Adrian Neville beat Corey Graves in a best of three falls match. Neville got the first fall, Graves the second, then Neville took the third for the win. So-so match.

Peep Show with Christian and guest Alberto Del Rio. There was a funny moment where they were setting up the ring with a carpet and then changed their mind when it looked like crap and had to rush to clean up the fuzzies. Christian talked about John Cena's match at Hell in a Cell. Rusev comes out, Del Rio tried to run away, Ricardo Rodriguez threw him back in. There was a tiny beating of Del Rio by Rusev before Rusev pummeled Ricardo.

Overall, a weak offering from NXT. It was clear that some talent was on the international tour. (Zayn, Dallas, Cesaro, etc.)

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