9/20 TNA in Salem, Va. results: Samoa Joe vs. Magnus, Mickie James vs. Gail Kim, Rob Van Dam vs. Gunner, Mr. Anderson vs. Crimson, Eric Young and ODB vs. Robbie E and Robbie T

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Sep 20, 2012 - 09:30 PM

TNA Live Event
Salem, Va.
Report by Dot Net reader Jake Saunders

The meet and greet event was organized weirdly. We could stand in a line to "meet" Gunner, Kid Kash, Crimson, Robbie and Robbie T. They weren't very friendly with fans...kinda just talked amongst themselves or texted (I now know Robbie E's iPhone password, weird) while they signed things. Ten minutes after I was out of that line, they announced a line specifically for Mickie James, which I thought was weird. Dear lord is Mickie James freaking hot. Say what you want about TNA vs. WWE, but all the TNA girls are smoking.

1. Mr Anderson defeated Crimson. Fun opening match with a few botches. Anderson got the crowd going beforehand with a fun back and forth of getting the crowd to call him an asshole and Crimson a douchebag.

2. Gail Kim defeated Mickie James via rollup pin. The crowd was really into Mickie James with her being from Virginia.

3. Eric Young and ODB defeated Robbie E and Robbie T. The finish came after a fun segment where ODB kicked both Robbies in the groin. Before the match, there was a fun segment where both Robbies fist pumped to their music and tried to get EY and ODB to do the same. They danced to "I like big butts" instead.

There was a long intermission after only three matches.

4. Samoa Joe defeated Magnus via submission. Great heel work from Magnus. He was able to get a lot of heat from a crowd that had been a little dead after the intermission. Samoa Joe was really over with the crowd. Lots of  "Joe's Gonna Kill You chants."

5. Rob Van Dam defeated Gunner (w/Kid Kash) via pinfall. RVD won after the Five Star Frog Splash. Outstanding heel work from Kid Kash, who pissed the crowd off by throwing water and flying the bird a few times.

Notes: Overall a good show, a little slow at times, lots of long rest holds in the last two matches, and pacing of the whole show seemed really slow. While there were only five matches, every single one of those matches except the tag match was better than anything on television right now, especially on Raw, which has become a chore to watch. Great for my first live event, and great performances from the talent who didn't seem at all phased by the rather small crowd.

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