8/5 TNA in Tulsa: Samoa Joe vs. James Storm in a Bound For Glory Series match, D'Angelo Dinero vs. Christopher Daniels in a BFG Series match, Zema Ion vs. Douglas Williams for the X Division Title

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Aug 7, 2012 - 01:10 PM

TNA Live Event
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Report by Dot Net reader Katelyn Wilder

The meet and greet was the same as the events I attended in Enid and Oklahoma City with Daniels, Kazarian, Pope, Douglas Williams, and Zema Ion appearing (but no Gail Kim.) Also, James Storm signed at the merchandise stand prior to the show.

1. Jeff Hardy won a battle royal to earn the right to face face Austin Aries for the TNA Title later in the night. The participants were Kaz, Daniels, Zema Ion, James Storm, Jeff Hardy, Douglas Williams, Samoa Joe, Pope, and Mr. Anderson. Kaz, Daniels, and Jeff Hardy were the last three in the ring. Daniels went to knock at Hardy and inadvertently hit Kaz eliminated him. Hardy then eliminated Daniels to win the Battle Royal.

2. Zema Ion defeated Douglas Williams to retain the X Division Championship. Unlike the two previous nights in Enid and OKC, they mixed it up a bit and threw in some different spots. Zema won by rolling Douglas up and holding his tights out of the view of referee Brian Hebner.

3. Christopher Daniels defeated D'Angelo Dinero in a BFG series match.. Kaz interfered a few times behind Brian Hebner's back and Daniels got the win and seven points in the BFG Series.

Intermission: I had a belt that I bought on Friday night allowing me to go backstage to meet Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, Gail Kim, and D-Lo Brown. Also, Jeremy Borash was backstage so I got another photo taken with him. Meeting Jeremy Borash was by far the best part of the weekend. He took photos with me all three nights and signed everything I brought to him. He was extremely nice and made the trip worth it.

4. Mr. Anderson defeated Kazarian (w/Daniels) in a BFG series match. Only a few minutes into the match, Brian Hebner threw Daniels out and he had to return backstage.

5. Samoa Joe beat James Storm in a BFG series match. Joe won via roll up for seven points.

6. Austin Aries defeated Jeff Hardy to retain the TNA Championship. Aries cut a heelish promo before the match started saying that he has noticed that people have started cheering him recently. He said he is OK with that but he didn't get in this business to make friends so he didn't care how many people would be mad at him when he beat the fan favorite Jeff Hardy. A great match with a lot of back and forth. Aries retained.

After the show, fans could take photos with Jeff Hardy in the ring for $20 or free if you had a backstage pass. I also got referee Brian Hebner to autograph the sign I made for him "Madison can have Earl, I want Brian." Jeremy Borash signed the sign I made for him "Jeremy Borash, Marry me?" and we took a photo with it.

Overall the entire weekend was amazing. I've been to numerous WWE and Indy events and never have I been able to meet and get autographs from the entire roster, and photos with most of them. By the end of the weekend, most of the security staff and wrestlers recognized me when I walked up. If TNA is coming to your area I suggest you attend the event.

Biggest Pop: Jeff Hardy
Most Heat: Kaz and Daniels

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