8/4 TNA in Oklahoma City, OK: A full report on the show featuring Zema Ion vs. Doug Williams for X-Division Title, James Storm vs. D'Angelo Dinero in a BFG series match, and Austin Aries vs. the winner of a battle royal for the TNA title

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Aug 5, 2012 - 10:43 AM

Dot Net reader Katelyn Wilder attended the TNA house show in Oklahoma City and sent along the following report.

So we got to the arena about 3pm to pick up our tickets and the guy wasn't there yet so the merch guys, Jimmy Jay, Sal, Tony, and Tiger were kind enough to let me and my friends wait inside with them so that we didn't have to stand out in the heat.

Most of the TNA guys were traveling in from Tulsa for the show and almost didn't make it because of the wildfires, all the roads coming out of Tulsa towards OKC were shut down. So we got let in around 5:30 as normal and Jimmy Jay made his merch speech. Then we hung out for awhile so that all the guys for the meet and greet could get there. The meet and greet was Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Pope, Douglas Williams, Gail Kim, and Zema Ion. (same as the night before in Enid)

1. Mr. Anderson won a battle royal to face Austin Aries. The show started about 15 minutes late due to the wildfire delay. Participants were Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Pope, Jeff Hardy, Douglas Williams, Zema Ion, James Storm, and Mr. Anderson. The last four people were Daniels, Kaz, Hardy and Anderson. Kaz and Daniels were double teaming Hardy who ducked when Daniels ran at him and Daniels inadvertently eliminated Kaz. Hardy then eliminated Daniels and then he and Mr. Anderson went at it with Anderson getting the victory.

Prior to the next match Earl Hebner was introduced and came down to the ring to a chorus of boos. He took of his referee shirt to reveal a shirt that read "Damn Right I Did" (in reference to screwing Bret Hart), he then put on Bret Hart sunglasses and ran around the ring jawing with fans.

2. Zema Ion defeated Douglas Williams to retain the X Division Championship. This weekend was the first opportunity I've gotten to watch Douglas Williams live and its an honor to see one of his matches. He is truly gifted in the ring. The match was the exact same from the night before in Enid, spot for spot, same finish. Zema defeated Douglas after spraying him in the eyes with the hairspray while Earl Hebner was handing the X Division Belt to someone outside the ring (Zema had brought it in as a weapon previously).

3. Brooke Tessmacher defeated Gail Kim to retain the Knockouts Championship. Once again same exact match with the same spots from Enid. Brooke did have about 3 massive botches though. Even Gail couldn't save her. Tessmacher defeated Kim.

4. James Storm defeated D'Angelo Dinero in a Bound for Glory Series match. Storm came out, a few fans had signs for him and beers so he posed with them on his way around the ring. Prior to the match starting Pope took a Dr. Pepper from a fan and put it next to Storm's beer bottle on the apron. Very short match, maybe three minutes. Pope took a drink of the beer turned around and Storm super kicked the hell out of him, causing him to spit the beer everywhere.

Intermission: The night before in Enid I bought the Championship Belt Package which guarantees you can go backstage at any live event that you bring the belt to, so my friends and I went backstage again and met James Storm, Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, and Mr. Anderson (same from the night before in Enid). I've always heard such great things about how Jeff Hardy is with the fans and it's totally true. One guy wanted Jeff to leave a voicemail for his mom, and security was like 'no, no let's move it along', and Jeff was like 'no way, its cool, give me the phone'.

5. Kazarian and Christopher Daniels defeated Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy. Kaz and Daniels came out first and cut a promo about how sexy and great they are and how they wish the crowd could touch them, but they can't. Fantastic match. Hardy took most of the punishment from Kaz and Daniels. Daniels pinned Hardy and then he and Kaz continued to beat on him until Joe rushed the ring and took out Kaz while Hardy took out Daniels.

6. Austin Aries defeated Mr. Anderson to retain the TNA Championship. Anderson played the heel well, refusing to do his thing on the mike so when Austin came down he did it, ' Hailing from Tampa, FL..... Austin Aries.... Aries', the crowd got a kick out of that. Crowd was chanting for Test of Strength so Anderson went up with his right hand and Aries with his left and they switched back and forth and back and forth. Finally Anderson just kicked Aries in the gut and they proceeded with that match. Usual spots from both men. Aries has an amazing arm drag. Aries beat Anderson with the brain buster, then got on the mike and said for $20 you and however many people you wanted could come in the ring and take a photo with him.

All in all a great show and I'm sure Tulsa will be much of the same tonight.

Biggest Pop by far was Jeff Hardy. Most Heat was Kaz and Daniels.

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