8/20 TNA Impact Wrestling in Atlanta: Rob Van Dam vs. Gunner in a Bound For Glory Series match, Gunner vs. The Pope in a BFG Series match, Angelina Love and Winter vs. Mickie James and Velvet Sky

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Aug 22, 2011 - 04:38 PM

TNA Impact Wrestling live event
Atlanta, Ga. at The Tabernacle
Report by Dot Net reader Greg Troxell

The event was held at a small performance venue usually having concerts. The floor was pretty full but the balcony was not even a 1/4 full. I'm guessing there may have been 1,000 or so fans in attendance. It was not an overly vocal crowd, but it was a good crowd that was into each match.

Prior to the matches Velvet Sky and RVD were signing autographs. Both of them were great. They took a pic with my son which I Tweeted. In my own mark out moment, Velevet Sky re-tweeted the pic.

Jeremy Borash did the backstage pass gimmick to get the crowd hyped but was interrupted by Magnus who said no on was coming backstage. While Magnus was doing his thing about no passes being handed out, Mr. Anderson came to the ring cut a promo and challenged Magnus to a match that if Anderson won the passes would be handed out and if Magnus won no passes. I have seen TNA do this before but it does get the crowd going.

1. Mr Anderson beat Magnus. Good match over all and Anderson was way over! Anderson gets the pin with a Mic Check.

2. Mickie James and Velvet Sky defeated Angelina Love and Winter. Before the match Hebner did his Bret Hart imitation. Velevet Sky got a huge pop from the crowd. One of the best of the night. James got the pin on Winter after a DDT.

3. Gunner beat The Pope in a Bound For Glory Series Match. Prior to the match JB said that this match would be on Spike TV and two cameramen came out. JB did a countdown to 'live on Spike.' This was a nice match and Gunner had a little heat but the crowd just wasn't into this match as much as the previous two. Gunner got the pin after a rollup and grabbing the ropes.

After the match Gunner was working the crowd and Crimson came out to a huge pop. Crimson dominated Gunner for a few moves then Gunner took off to the back.

4. Mexican Amercia beat James Storm and Kazarian. Hernandez hit Kazarian in the head with the belt, allowing Anarquia to get the pin.

Intermission - Winter and Angelina Love did autographs for the crowd. Super cool girls.

5. Robert Roode beat Rob Van Dam in a Bound for Glory Series match. JB again hyped that this match would be on Spike. In a surprise, Roode pinned RVD as clean as you could get. This was a good match but the crowd really wanted RVD to win. Roode was over but not like RVD was.

6. A.J. Styles beat Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett had good heat after cutting a promo about being the Mexican Champion, but that he decided he would not defend the belt in Atlanta since we didn't know how to treat Mexicans. As you may expect, these two put on a great match. AJ got the pin after the Syles Clash. Afterward Jeff Jarrett signed autographs and AJ Styles did the $20 pictures in the ring. He of course had a huge line.

Notes: TNA does a great job for house shows. Don West is amazing pumping products and the stars were all nice. Overall, a great night and my seven year old loved it!

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