8/13 TNA in Rochester, N.Y.: Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson for the TNA Title (Angle brought a tag title to the ring instead), Winter vs. Mickie James for the TNA Knockouts Title, Bully Ray vs. Devon in a Bound For Glory Series match

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Aug 14, 2011 - 05:50 PM

TNA live event
Rochester, N.Y.
Report by Dot Net reader Michael Jung

The ring truck broke down and they didn't get everything to the arena until about 5:30. The show started about a half hour late.

1. Bully Ray defeated Devon in a Bound for Glory Series match. Bully came out and cut a really good promo about how Rochester is the armpit of NY. Were not good enough for a football team like Buffalo and we are not smart enough to have a college like Syracuse. Bully Ray used the ropes to roll up Dvon for the win.

2. Samoa Joe squashed Robbie E. Robbie E came out and talked up Rochester and how great it was to get rid of Cookie. He went on to ask people in the crowd if they want to come in the ring and fist pump with him. Joe's music hits, he got the best pop of the night. After about a three minute beating, the ref stopped the match when Joe choked out Robbie.

3. Winter (w/Angelina Love) defeated Mickie James to retain the TNA Knockouts Title. The longest match of the night. Earl took off his ref shirt and had his t-shirt with "yeah I did it" on it. He also made out with Winter in the middle of the match. Good match but nothing really worth noting. Winter won after Angelina Love held down Mickie's legs during the pin

4. Brian Kendrick defeated Abyss in an X-Division championship match. Weight limit be dammed. Abyss cut a promo offering to let Kendick live if he just handed over the title. The match was good. These two were really hitting each other hard. The finish was Kendrick hitting a DDT and rolling Abyss up for the three.

5. Mexican America defeated British Invasion with Jeff Jarrett the special ref. They had Jeff aligned with Mexican America in this match. Jeff Jarrett made a quick count when Hernandez rolled up Doug Williams. Really good tag match.

6. Kurt Angle defeated Mr. Anderson to retain the TNA Title. Anderson came out to the ring and did his mic pose. Nothing came down so he made Jeremy Borash stand on a chair and drop a mic in his hand. He then ripped the Blue Cross Arena for being cheep and run down. He bragged about the Green Bay Packers winning the Super Bowl.

Kurt Came to the ring with one of the tag team titles. I guess the truck that brings the belt broke down too. The match was okay. Neither wrestler seemed to be putting in much effort. Angle won the match via pinfall after hitting Anderson with the Angle Slam.

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