7/29 TNA in Akron, Ohio: Kurt Angle wins a battle royal and challenges Austin Aries for the TNA Title, Mr. Anderson vs. Magnus, Miss Tessmacher vs. Madison Rayne for the TNA Knockouts Title

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Jul 31, 2012 - 12:47 PM

TNA Live Event
Akron, Ohio at the Akron Civic Center
Report by Dot Net reader Ben Hough

The event was held at the Akron Civic Theater. There was the usual meet and greet for 50 dollar ticket holders with some of the stars of Impact including Daniels, Kaz, Devon, Garrett Bischoff, and the Pope.

1. Kurt Angle won a battle royal to earn a TNA Title shot. Kurt Angle won the battle royal, last eliminating Bobby Roode, who snuck in the ring after all the other entrants were eliminated. Angle ducked a Roode clothesline and threw him over the ropes to a huge ovation.

2. TNA Knockouts Champion Miss Tessmacher beat Madison Rayne. Tess won with her finisher. Rayne sold the after effects while Earl Hebners music played to bring him out for the next match. Hebner than helped Madison up and out of the ring.

3. Mr. Anderson beat Magnus. Anderson won with the Sharpshooter and afterwards grabbed a mic and said it was the first time Earl Hebner had ever rang the bell after someone actually submitted to the move with drew a loud pop. Anderson was really over with the crowd.

4. TNA Tag Champions Kazarian and Daniels beat Devon and Garrett Bischoff.  Daniels and Kaz interrupted a Joseph Park promo. Devon and Garrett made the save leading to this match. Kaz and Daniels mic work was hilarious.

5. Bobby Roode beat RVD. Fans were really into this match. Good match that ended when RVD missed the frog splash and Roode made the cover.

6. Jeff Hardy beat The Pope. The match was not advertised as a BFG series match, so I'm not sure if it was or not. Hardy won with the Twist of Fate. Pope played heel for the match. Hardy got the biggest pop of the night and the crowd had loud "Hardy" chants throughout the match.

7. Austin Aries beat Kurt Angle to retain the TNA Title. Fantastic match. PPV Quality. Both wrestlers went all out and it was a hard hitting physical match including a spot where Angle tossed Aries over the rope and off the theater stage. Aries won clean after the muscle buster.

Afterwards Aries took pics in the ring with fans for 20 bucks.

I attended the TNA BaseBrawl event in Washington, PA the night before and although that show had a better atmosphere as far as the crowd and overall big feel of the show, the Akron show had a much better night of in ring action IMO.

The theater set up was fine, except for the lack of space to move around.

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