7/23 TNA at the Delaware State Fair: Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner in a Bound For Glory Series match, Beer Money vs. Bully Ray and Gunner in a BFG Series match, Mr. Anderson vs. A.J. Styles

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Jul 25, 2011 - 10:50 AM

TNA live event
Delaware State Fair
Report by Dot Net reader Rob Schumacher

The temperature was 99 at the start of the matches!!! Pre-Match, my son and I had second row seats so we were allowed in early for a meet and greet. Don West was there selling/pushing merch, which was pretty entertaining. There were actually some great deals with programs, shirts, etc... We ended up being one of 18 people to buy a Jeff Jarrett King of the Mountain guitar which also got us backstage twice and in the ring after the show.

The meet and greet was quick before hand with Abyss, Gunner, Brian Kendrick, Sarita, Rosita and Crimson out signing. They then had Samoa Joe come sign and apparently he does not do too many signings (this may have been bunk but who knows) but I asked Joe why he was signing for us and he said he met his wife in Delaware so good enough for me! The Guitar people then were taken backstage to meet Jeff Jarrett which was real cool.  
1. Brian Kendrick beat Abyss to retain the X Division Title. Abyss is a big dude in person!! Kendrick came out and danced all around the damn fair for like five minutes. Abyss powered through Kendrick at first and was mocking the dancing which was pretty funny stuff. The match probably went around 10 minutes with Kendrick getting a rollup win after many kicks to the head of the big man. Good opening and the crowd of around 1,000 were in to it. 
2. Velvet Sky and Miss Tessmacher beat Rosita and Sarita. Earl Hebner was introduced and came out to the "you screwed Bret " chants. He then got in the ring, took off his shirt to show a t-shirt that read, "Yes I Did." Pretty funny stuff as Hebner taunted the crowd. Velvet Sky is incredibly hot as she shook her ass all over the place. Especially for the National Guard guys at the top of the ramp. Rosita and Sarita worked over Miss Tess for a bit keeping her from the tag. A decent USA chant broke out, kinda weird but okay. Tess made the hot tag to Sky who cleared the ring. Sky knocked Rosita into Earl Hebners arms who then kissed her. He then did the Ric Flair walk as Sky rolled her up for the Pin.
3. Crimson defeated Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett came out talking the usual trash to the crowd and strutting. Crimson came out to modest cheers but those grew. He looks like he could really be something as he has the build for sure! Jarrett got the best early taunting Crimson that he wants some real competition. Crimson eventually over-powered Jarrett, hit a few power bombs and got the pin. I had gone for water since it was so freaking hot so I did not catch the details of the match. Jarrett did come out with the Mexican title and claimed since we were not in Mexico that the title was not on the line.
4. Beer Money beat Bully Ray and Gunner in a Bound For Glory Series match. Bully Ray got on the Mic and talked about all of the trash in Delaware. A loud D-Von chant broke out which pissed him off. He talked up New York which led to a Yankees suck chant. Beer Money was over huge as they came out. Beer-Money chants throughout the match. Back and forth match with all hitting big moves. It was said that this was a points match so they were taping for TV. Hot tag to Robert Roode, who cleared ring and rolled up Bully Ray for the win and 7 points. Afterward, Bully argued with Gunner about having his back but then they hugged.
The Guitar folk were led backstage where we were basically in an open grass patch (welcome to Delaware). I turned around and Mr. Anderson was right there along with AJ Styles, Crimson and Beer Money so we were able to talk to them and get autographs. Our Jeff Jarrett guitar has like 10 signatures on it, so it is pretty cool!! We then headed out and met Velvet Sky and Miss Tessmacher so my night was complete!!
5. Scott Steiner beat Samoa Joe in a Bound For Glory Series match. Steiner is still the same asshole he has always been. He went right after the crowd, telling one lady near me that she was fat and needed to go on a diet. He asked any hot ladies to come in the ring but then said none were here in Delaware. He had a decent point as I looked around :) The crowd went after him pretty good and he jumped out and was held back by security a few times. He even threw out a few F bombs towards the crowd. Nice job in front of the fair crowd with the little kids but hey, I laughed! 

Joe was over huge and came out to loud cheers!! Steiner was all over him early, pumping and flexing along the way. Back and forth with both hitting impact moves on each other. Steiner did do a belly to belly on Joe that had Joe land on his neck which looked scary but turned out alright. Joe had the advantage until Gunner and Bully Ray ran in and hit Joe with a chain and allowed Steiner to get the pin. This was for points so Steiner took home the points.
6. AJ Styles beat Mr. Anderson. Anderson came out to a mix of cheers and boos. There was a funny spot was he did his motion for the mic from the ceiling but since we were outdoors there was no ceiling. He then got on mic and said if any more hairy, sweaty, nasty, fat woman asked him for a hug he would vomit. He said that it was 179 degrees out and not to touch him. AJ came out to biggest pop of night. 
Anderson teased throwing his shirt into all sections of the ringside area and ended up dropping it on ring apron. Anderson began match strong taking it to AJ who rolled to the outside. AJ grabbed Anderson's shirt and threw it into the middle section and the guy who caught it threw it back into the ring. Loud cheers for this. AJ then grabbed the shirt again and came over to my section and looked right at me and said "you going to throw it back," to which I said yes, so he threw me the shirt. Without thinking I just chucked it back into the ring to loud cheers.

In hindsight it was Mr. Anderson's shirt but I ain't no creeper, so I did the right thing and did not take the boos if I would have kept it. AJ got the shirt and did the last section and they threw the shirt back as well so good stuff there. Anderson hopped out and took it to AJ as he was ticked by the shirt deal. Anderson chocked AJ with the shirt and rolled him back in the ring and was on the offensive, working over the arm of Styles. He kept working the arm for about five minutes as the match went on. Anderson finally went for the Mic Check but was reversed into a Styles Clash and AJ took the win. Fireworks broke out and show came to an end.
Notes: At this point they let anyone with $20 get in the ring and get a photo with AJ and Beer Money and many in the crowd did this so good money maker for TNA plus fan friendly experience for sure. With our guitar, we were able to get in as well and I took the steel ropes to the sack while trying to get it thanks to my son. Funny stuff, but yeah it hurt!! Jeff Jarrett came out to sign autographs as fans left. Great time for sure and very fan friendly event. I am impressed and hope they come back next year!!

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