7/21 TNA in Salem Va.: Bound For Glory Series matches, A.J. Styles vs. Mr. Anderson, Brian Kendrick vs. Abyss for the X Division Title, Jeff Jarrett vs. Crimson, Knockouts tag match

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Jul 22, 2011 - 09:55 AM

TNA Live Event
Salem, Va.
Report by Dot Net reader Robert Spencer

1. Brian Kendrick beat Abyss to retain the X Division Title. It went maybe ten minutes. Not a bad match. Kendrick won by pinfall.

2. Velvet Sky and Miss Tessmacher beat Sarita and Rosita.

3. Crimson beat Jeff Jarrett. Big heat for Jarrett, and lots of cheers for Crimson. He looks like the future of the company. Crimson won the match, which went maybe 15 minutes. This was one of the better matches of the night.

4. Beer Money beat Scott Steiner and Gunner. Major heat for Steiner. He cut a promo and really got the crowd into it by talking about how they are inbred and saying there wasn't one "hot bitch in this town." He told one guy to put his "ugly bitch on a leash." Great promo. This may have been the match of the night. Robert Roode got the pin on Gunner to earn points in the BFG Series.


5. Bully Ray pinned Samoa Joe. Good heat for Ray, good pops for Joe, but the match wasn't that great. Bully Ray won to earn points in the BFG Series.

6. A.J. Styles beat Mr. Anderson. Good match. It went maybe 15 minutes and felt like it should have been a TNA Title match.

Notes: Overall, it was an okay show, but not their best. Ticket sales were way down for this year's show, as there were fewer than 1,000 people. If they come back to town, they have to step it up with a special match (cage match, ladder match, battle royal), as it seems like it's the same show every year. I won't go back without something special.

No TNA Champion Sting, Kurt Angle, RVD, Hulk Hogan, Mickie James, or Matt Morgan. It just seemed like there wasn't enough star power. The highlight of the night was at the end of the show when they charged $20 to get in the ring and take a photo with the Fortune members. Finally, a shout out to Bigg Robb.

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